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Company details

Nexum Ltd.

Obrtniška ulica 11

1370 Logatec



Phone: +386 1 759 17 46


VAT number: SI31836674

Registration number: 6272886000


Bank details:

SI56 3500 1000 1010 846 (BKS Bank AG),


BKS Bank AG, Verovškova ulica 55 A, 1000 Ljubljana

Who we are?

Nexum Ltd. was established in the year 2012 to internationalize the successful work and experience from Slovenian industrial market. We are a young company but with a lot of experience in our target industrial fields of energy & electronics and installation & connectivity. We want to focus on our competences, complement our product portfolio and with new quality suppliers expand our target markets. We always think about our customers and their applications.


In energy and electronics segment we focus on OEM manufacturers who need different support and problem solving from analysing, designing and sourcing new products, stocking, logistics, financing to selling and marketing the product. We are flexible with individual business models that fit the specific market / field / customers, but are consistent with our shared values: top value for money, focusing on customer's application, local support for suppliers, long-term partnership.

Shared structures

Customer support, order management, stock, logistics, financing, accounting

Top value for money

Local competence

Customer orientation

Long-term reliability


Shared values

Competent strategic planning, sales & marketing

Shared strategies

Individual skills

Individual style

High developed ERP, CRM, WMS

Shared systems

For each local market - consistent with shared values

For each local market - consistent with shared values

Individual staff

For each local market - consistent with shared values

Where we focus?

Nexum Ltd. is geographically focused on countries of Southeast Europe (SEE).


This part of Europe is a geographical and political region located primarily in the Balkan Peninsula. Sovereign states that are generally included in South-eastern Europe are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia with neighbouring countries as Austria, Italy and Hungary in the close reach.


Due to bigger political, economic, historical, cultural and geographic considerations, the region is considered to be very difficult and fragmented to cover for specialized European and furthermore Non-European bigger industrial manufacturers.


With our knowledge and experience we can deliver value to our specialized customers and resellers / system integrators on one side and specialized suppliers on the other side (expend their presence in SEE). We offer products and solutions in following industrial fields:


Become our partner!

Top value
for money

Quality components and solutions
for a fair price.

Focusing on customer's application

Flexible business models according to customer needs.

Local support
for suppliers

Highly competent local support:
sales, marketing, logistics, customer service, engineering.



Dedicated long-term partnerships for target industrial segments.

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