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Cable Management Tools

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Pressmaster Product Catalogue

Crimping and Stripping Tools for Electricians


Pressmaster hand-tools with outstanding ergonomic and mechanical performances are designed and made in Sweden. Swedish tradition of highest quality steel products guarantees total customer satisfaction. Pressmaster produces standard and customised tools that fit every need on the market. The majority of Pressmaster tools have an expected working life of at least 50.000 cycles.

The Pressmaster product range includes crimping and cable stripping tools for most electrical, electronic and optical applications. Tools offer high quality, reliability and excellent ergonomic features.


Punch Drivers, Knockout Punches AND Useful Tools

We offer a small-sized hand hydraulic punch driver without a hose which allows quick and easy punching of rectangular, square or round holes. When you have to punch several holes, this hand hydraulic punch driver is much faster than manual wrench-style punches.


Besides, we offer round knockout punches for cut-outs PG16, M16, M20, M25, M32, M40, M50, M63, M75 and M85. This self-centring knockout punches split slugs into 3 pieces for easy slug removal. For installation of pushbuttons and round switches we offer a 22.5 mm punch with integrated twist protection notch.


Among the round punches we also offer rectangular and square punches and dies, for cut-out sizes of 10-, 16-, and 24- multi-pin industrial connectors as well as for most icotek cable entry systems.

Catalogues and leaflets:



iCotek tools - catalogue extract




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