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Power electronics is growing market as future electricity networks will have to incorporate power electronics to maintain security of supply. Power electronics devices are used for efficient, flexible conversion and conditioning of electrical energy.

We offer a broad range of reliable and high power density industrial DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, PCB relays and other products covering all popular requirements for different applications.

Our main partners in the field of power electronics, PCB relays and SSR are XP PowerDelta Electronics and ABB (GE).  Besides, we offer many others to be able to offer solutions for different applications and needs of our customers.


DC/DC Converters

A DC/DC converter takes the voltage from a DC source and converts the voltage of supply into another DC voltage level. They are used to increase or decrease the voltage level. Too much of power can destroy the device or less power may not be able to run the device. The converter takes the power from the battery and cuts down the voltage level, similarly a converter step-up the voltage level. 

We are distributing a wide range of products from XP Power, Delta Electronics, CUI and ABB, that covers power levels as low as 0.25 W all the way up to 1300 W in various packages including SMD, through-hole, chassis mount, baseplate cooled etc.  You can decide for other suppliers, Delta and ABB which are also offering a complete range of DC/DC converters covering all the popular industry standard sizes.  All our suppliers are world’s largest providers of power solutions, offering only the best quality.  

Surface Mount DC/DC Converters

Switching Regulators

Baseplate - Cooled DC/DC Converters

High Voltage DC/DC Converters

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