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Complete solutions for PCB labelling and protection: accessories for PCB

Creating a safe and efficient work environment requires clear labels and proper tools. Identification technology ensures that your electronics production line is running smoothly and profitably.  


The greatest danger when working with electronic components is electrostatic discharge. Even small amount of charge can destroy the delicate structure of the components. Therefore, the usage of electrostatically protected tools is crucial.  


​Our partner in the field of PCB labelling and protection is Brady with a wide range of labels for circuit board and other components. We also provide professional tools from globally recognized German company Wiha. They are specialized in products that meet the highest functionality, durability, and ergonomic demands.

PCB labelling and protection

PCB labelling (Brady)

We offer a complete solutions for labelling of PCB and components:

  • labels for electronic equipment and servicing,

  • control arrows and quick dots markers,

  • solder masks,

  • PCB & component identification labels,

  • static awareness labels.

Catalogues and brochures:

ESD tools​

ESD tools (Wiha)

Precision electrostatic discharge (ESD) equipment from Wiha meets the requirements for tools used in static sensitive areas.


​We offer professional ESD screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, and tweezers. You can choose from different features, depending on your demand.  ESD tools meet the ESD Standard IEC 61340-5-1 and have handles with surface resistance from 106 to 109 Ohm.

Catalogues and brochures:

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