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Power electronics to maintain the reliability of electrical systems supply

Power electronics is growing market as future electricity networks will have to incorporate power electronics to maintain security of supply. Power electronics devices are used for efficient and flexible conversion and conditioning of electrical energy.

Our main partners in the field of power electronics are Delta Electronics and ABB (GE). Besides, we offer many other solutions for different applications and needs of our customers.

Power electronics solutions

We offer DC/DC converters from 0,25 W to 1300 W. You can choose from wide range of converters (for regulated or unregulated voltage, standard voltage, with high insulation, for standard or extra wide input voltages).

DC/DC converters

We offer standard power supplies (DIN Rail, Panel Mount, Open Frame) and special power supplies for specific applications (AC/DC 400 W, 1000 W, 1500 W, 5000 W).

AC DC power supplies

We provide high quality power supplies for medical applications. Ranging from 40 W to 5000 W, all products will provide the stability, quality, and performance that medical and healthcare products demand.

Medical power supplies

You can choose between Delta Electronic’s rectifiers and controllers, which provide reliable and energy efficient solutions for telecommunications to 11,6 kW.


We offer quality filters for electromagnetic interference for varied voltage range, single phase 115/250 Vac, 3 Phase 520 Vac and up to 600 A maximum rated current. Different kinds of connection also available.

EMC filters

We offer fans for different applications: AC axial fans, DC axial fans and EC&DC centrifugal fans.


Are you searching for the right partner for power electronics?

Nexum is a reliable partner that provides business partners with advice on choosing the appropriate power electronics solutions for applications in industry, automation, design and manufacture of electrical appliances, e-mobility, smart installations, medicine, transport, aviation, and military industry and in the field of education and research.

Nexum works directly with top manufacturers Delta Electronics, ABB (GE), CUI, Mornsun, Mean Well, Enercon, MPL, Enjoye Electronic, Kaku Electric Equipment. In cooperation with their experts with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of top-quality products we offer you technical assistance and answers to all your technical questions regarding the use of their products.

Why choose Nexum for your partner?

  • Because we offer a wide selection of power electronics products from different manufacturers at competitive prices in one place. We also prepare comparison of products from different manufacturers.

  • Because we completely adapt to the customer and treat each customer individually.

  • Because we are responsive and flexible.

  • Because we offer our permanent partners counselling and fast delivery from stock, and we offer safety stock for multiple consumption.

Our offer includes:



Professional counselling and help with choosing the right products from our offer.



Preparation of documentation for certificates and product specifications.

Stock supply


Safety stock for our permanent partners and delivery on agreed times.



Technical assistance. Arrangement of replacement within the warranty period.

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