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Rectifiers – for use in telecommunications

We offer quality rectifiers manufactured by Delta Electronics, intended for use in telecommunications. Our rectifiers boast an industry-leading power density while fulfilling space and weight requirements. In addition, their high efficiency lowers total energy consumption and reduces the environmental footprint. A power system controller monitors and controls the entire system and site power infrastructure, maximizes battery life, supports energy saving, and informs the operator of maintenance needs.

Our main partner in the field of Telecom Power Systems is Delta Electronics, with reliable and energy-efficient solutions. Delta rectifiers achieve energy efficiency of up to 98 %. Cumulative cost savings from generator downsizing and remote monitoring possibilities can also be substantial. Delta’s controllers deliver all the benefits that modern technology can offer.

Rectifiers – efficient current conversion in a compact form

Delta Electronics is the world's leading manufacturer in the development and production of energy efficient rectifiers. EnergE rectifiers have become a new standard for power systems in industry.



The EnergE label is part of a new energy efficiency concept that offers global solutions to energy challenges in the telecommunications industry. EnergE includes rectifiers that offer the highest energy efficiency. Strict criteria are set for individual products that are eligible for the EnergE label. The EnergE label helps you distinguish the most efficient Delta energy rectifiers.

Delta rectifiers DPR 850, DPR 3000 and DPR 2900 series with up to 98 % efficiency have the EnergE label.

DPR 850B

Rectifier DPR 850B EnergE

DPR 850B series is a single-phase rectifier with outstanding efficiency and power density.

This rectifier is optimal for spatially limited applications, as the 1U housing has very short depth.

Installation is easy, as a HOT swap connection is enabled, and all connectors are located on the back. Cooling is enabled by a speed-controlled fan that ensures quiet operation.


  • dimensions: 51,8 x 40 x 247,2 mm,

  • power: 850 W.

DPR 2900

DPR 2900 EnergE, 97,2 %

DPR 2900 EnergE series rectifiers are optimal 1U sized and provide up to 11,6 kW power. Due to their small size, they are a good choice for powering in wireless base stations or in broadband access points. The DPR 2900 series rectifiers have an energy efficiency of more than 96 %, which makes them extremely energy efficient.

Delta’s new telecom rectifier DPR 2900 EnergE provides the industrial leading efficiency of 97,2 %. The single phase, hot pluggable fan cooled rectifier provides the 36,5 W/in³ outstanding power density. Integrated with the high efficiency rectifier DPR 2900 EnergE, Delta power solution provides an energy saving solution for network base stations, wireless applications, fixed line applications and data communications.

Main benefits:

  • OPEX & energy saving with a leading efficiency 97,2 %,

  • extended temperature range,

  • space saving – up to 11,6 kW in 1U shelf Power density 36,5 W/in³,

  • integrated AC over voltage protection.


  • dimensions: 125,5 x 41,0 x 269,9 mm,

  • power: 2900 W.

DPR 3000

DPR 3000 EnergE, 98 %

Delta rectifiers of the DPR 3000E-48 series offer the highest energy conversion efficiency up to 98 % and a maximum power density of 56,8 W/in³, which allows not only additional OPEX savings, but also lower carbon emissions. In addition, the compact design offers additional space savings.


  • dimensions: 84 x 41 x 270 mm (3.3 x 1.6 x 10.6 in),

  • power: 3000 W.

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