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Fans for electronics and serial production

We offer a wide range of compact and energy efficient AC and DC fans of various sizes, which help you save space, allow quiet operation and are reliable due to their innovative design. With our modern fans ensure a long service life for your electronic circuits, electrical and other devices.


We work with specialists in development and production of modern fans that use safe technologies and provide products that comply with international standards, which are equipped with CE, ROHS, EMC, IP55, TUV certificates.


We offer AC fans, brushless DC fans and modern combined (EC) fans, which can be axial or centrifugal and available in various sizes.


Our main partners in the field of fan technology are Kaku Electric Equipment and Fandis.

Za izmenični tok (AC)

AC axial fans

We offer a variety of different AC axial fans.  IP55 magnesium die casting impeller is designed to compensate for moist and dusty environments and meets the waterproof parameters of the IP55 water protection standards. Magnesium alloy additionally protects against EMC interference due to fast heat dissipation and enables longer fan life. A series of AC fans is available for voltages: 24 V, 110 V, 220 V and 380 V or for double voltages: 110/220 V, 220/240 V, 380/400 V, 110/120 V and 380/400 V.


Possible dimensions of our AC fans are from 80x80x25 mm to 450x350x88 mm or with diameters from 172 mm to 254 mm. Our fans, regardless of the version with bearings or with a belt, maintain the same noise level. The method of installation is important when choosing the right fan. If the mounting is vertical, we generally recommend a fan with belts. For all other mounts, a fan with bearing is a better choice.

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Za enosmerni tok (DC)

DC fans

We offer axial fans in DC technology with very low power consumption. Higher protection class for DC fans can conform to the requirements of protection Class IP68. Alarm, speed control and signal reflection can be optional. The rotor made of magnesium alloy dissipates heat better and helps to extend the life of the DC fan.


Possible dimensions are from 40x40x28 mm to 280x280x80 mm. You can choose between different turns and powers. 

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EC ventilatorji

EC & DC centrifugal fans

We offer a broad portfolio of EC&DC centrifugal fans with metal impeller and high efficiency. Compared with traditional centrifugal fans, EC&DC series have many advantages, such as more functions, more outstanding performance, and longer service life.

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