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Nexum is your reliable partner for energy chains from idea to installation. From simple stock parts to demanding custom applications. We will be glad to assist you with your demands.

Flexible Cable Carriers

Flexible cable carriers, also known as drag chains, energy chains, or cable chains are guides designed to surround and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machinery. They reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety. Cable carriers may be arranged to accommodate horizontal, vertical, rotary and three-dimensional movements.


We are distributing cable chains from Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A., whose robust and innovative products solve dynamic cable and pipe protection matters in various applications: industrial robotics, metal, wood stone working machine tools, packing machine tools, routine stockings and transports automation management.

Catalogues and leaflets:



Brevetti Stendalto Cable Chains General Catalogue




Nylon Flexible Cable Carriers


We offer a wide range of nylon cable chains, arranged in 6 series, in order to cope with all the cables and pipes dynamic protection requirements. Light, Medium and Heavy Series are appropriate for standard linear applications, Protection Series is used where a complete closure is required, Sliding Series is suitable for strokes up to 400 m and Robot Series is appropriate for rotation applications.

Light Series

New Brevetti Stendalto cable chains series with small/medium sections for applications where high performance or high filling weight are not required. Also suitable for long applications in combination with guiding channels.


Medium Series

Small/medium sizes cable chains with yellow connecting pivot pin which offer high capacity in high performace applications. Available with snap open cover or closed styles.

Heavy Series

Strong link design , allows for unsupported length of up to 6,5 m without additional support and maximises service life of both chains and installations. Available with a wide range of frame styles such as aluminium and plastic drilled frames, combination of materials, detailed separation etc..

Protection Series

Completely enclosed design to avoid any contact between cables and metal or wood chips, dust etc. Each link has a quickly removable cover for easy installation of the cables/hoses complete with their fittings.

Sliding Series

This series of chains are specially made to be used where the travel distance is long.The links are equipped with skids ,which allow the chain to slide on itself, made of special polymers to reduce friction and wear. Special guide channels are available to support and to guide the chain.


Robot Series

innovative cable chain for circular applications like welding or painting robots, manipulators etc. (allow rotation of over 360°).Available in 9 different models, each link has opening cross pieces to allows easy installation of cable/hoses.

Steel Flexible Cable Carriers


For all applications where it is not possible to use nylon chain (steel works, foundries, machine tools, oil rigs) we offer steel series.


Steel cable chains are available with aluminium draw plates or aluminium split cross pieces created by design; these chains can be used in special applications as offshore platforms, steel plants, etc. For special application the steel components are made in stainless steel AISI 316.

Catalogues and leaflets:



Brevetti Stendalto Steel Cable Chains




Total Chain Solutions

We offer turnkey systems where we design and deliver the chain, pre-assembled with cables and connectors, ready to be installed.

Technical advantages for you:

  • assembly time

  • no more lokking for single components

  • one guarantee for the whole system

  • simplicity and reliability

Savings for you:

  • no time wasted on installation, assembly and waiting for single components

  • no need to keep spare parts on stock


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