We offer opportunities for specialized industrial producers from around the world that need sales & marketing, logistics and other support in entering south-eastern european markets.


Sovereign states that are generally included in Southeastern Europe are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia with neighboring countries as Austria, Italy and Hungary in the close reach. Due to bigger political, economic, historical, cultural, and geographic considerations, the region is considered to be very difficult and fragmented to cover for small specialized and even bigger Non-European industrial manufacturer.


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Why choose Nexum as a partner?

We understand different markets in Southeastern Europe better. Because of that we can be the right partner to sell your products in local areas. Besides know-how we can offer comprehensive stock holding to quickly service end customers and resellers.


Nexum wants to create benefit for specialized quality suppliers with weak SEE presence by:


  • flexible business models according to needs, local multichannel support

  • highly competent local support: market analytics, design in, active sales and marketing, safety stocks, logistics, customer service

  • dedicated long-term partnerships for target industrial segments (single supplier partners in different fields).

Top value

for money

Quality components and solutions
for a fair price.

Customer orientation

Flexible business models according to customer needs and local multichannel support.


Highly competent local support:
market analytics, sales and marketing, stocking, logistics, customer service.

Long-term reliability

Dedicated long-term partnerships for target industrial segments.

Product segments


Power electronics are used for efficient, flexible conversion and conditioning of electrical energy. Power electronics are growing market as future electricity networks will have to incorporate power electronics to maintain security of supply.


Our main partner in the field of power electronics is Delta Electronics, the world's No. 1 OEM switching power supply manufacturer and a major supplier of electronic components.


LED drivers can be used in many applications as LED-based products are poised to replace legacy light sources in virtually all general lighting applications indoors and out.


Our main partners in the field of Industrial LED lighting are Delta Electronics and MPL Power Elektro, which LED drivers are characterized by innovative PCB Design, high quality components, well established standard dimensions, and a very competitive price to quality ratio.


Cable management components and systems both supports and contains cables during installation, and makes subsequent maintenance or changes to the cable system easier.


We offer different solutions for cable management from various suppliers: flexible industrial conduits, rigid aluminium conduits, metallic and non-metallic cable glands and accessories, cable chains, cable rollers, flexible cables and other. Our main partners in the field of cable management are Flexicon, Fintech, Agro AG and Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A..


Effective saftey solutions save lives, time and money by reducing workplace accidents, limiting downtime, and increasing the efficiency of inspection and maintenance procedures.


Our main partner in the field of industrial and safety identification is Brady Corp., world's No. 1 manufacturer of labels, printers, software and other products for identification and lockout tagout solutions.

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