Effective safety solutions save lives, time and money by reducing workplace accidents, limiting downtime, and increasing the efficiency of inspection and maintenance procedures.


We offer products for industrial identification, safety identification and customized solutions (LOCKOUT/TAGOUT etc.) for OEM industrial and process machining.


Cable management components and systems both support and contain cables during installation and makes subsequent maintenance or changes to the cable system easier. This is especially important in harsh industrial environments.


We offer standard and customized solutions for installations in process industry and general industrial installations: flexible industrial conduits, rigid aluminium conduits, metallic and non-metallic cable glands and accessories, cable chains, cable rollers, flexible cables, tools and other.


Cables are needed to control and power machinery in various industrial sectors. Industrial cables must be adapted to special requirements and withstand harsh conditions.

We offer high quality industrial cables from LAPP Group, appropriate for different industries and markets: Automation, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Robotics, Food and beverage industry cables, Automotive industry, eMobility, Railway, Energy supply, Infrastructure and other applications. 


Power electronics are used for efficient, flexible conversion and conditioning of electrical energy. Power electronics are growing market as future electricity networks will have to incorporate power electronics to maintain security of supply.


We offer reliable and high power density industrial AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC and AC/DC PCB modules to cover the needs for different applications.



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