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Industrial Cables

Cables are needed to control and power machinery in various industrial sectors. Industrial cables must be adapted to special requirements and withstand harsh conditions.


We offer high quality industrial cables from LAPP Group, appropriate for different industries and markets: Automation, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Robotics, Food and beverage industry cables, Automotive industry, eMobility, Railway, Energy supply, Infrastructure and other applications.


Lapp cables use finely stranded conductors made from pure electrolytic copper wire strands in accordance with common European Standards, both British Standards BS6360 and German VDE 0295 Class 5. Both the insulation and sheath material of Lapp cables are flame retardant. A flame-retardant material will burn when in contact with a flame but once the source of flame is removed the material is self-extinguishing - it will not support combustion.

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Ölflex - Lapp industrial cables




ÖLFLEX® - The most versatile connecting and control cables

In 1959, ÖLFLEX® was the very first control cable to be designed with colour-coded wires and was at the same time the first branded cable in the world. Today, ÖLFLEX® connecting and control cables are one of the most widely used in the world, and for good reason.


  • Flexible, almost entirely oil-resistant and universally applicable.

  • Fulfils the most demanding requirements for electrical and mechanical properties.

  • Comprehensive range for all environmental conditions, including wet/dry, EMC, outside/inside, various temperature ranges, etc.

  • Suitable for fixed connection or energy supply chains.

  • Also halogen-free and available with international licences.

Fields of application:

  • mechanical, tool, system and apparatus engineering,

  • measurement, control, heating and climate technology,

  • wind-powered and photovoltaic plants,

  • public buildings, airports and stations,

  • medical technology, the chemical industry, composting plants and sewage works,

  • the food and drinks industry,

  • construction machinery, vehicles and agricultural equipment,

  • stage engineering,

  • mobile electrical equipment (electrical instruments, power tools, household goods),

  • and many more.

UNITRONIC® - Innovative data cables


Fast, safe and forward-thinking solutions for transferring data. The UNITRONIC® range includes data cables for all electronic applications, from tiny cables in coffee machines to those transferring huge amounts of data in supercomputers.


  • Robust, durable and reliable.

  • Suitable for a wide range of uses, including under chemical and mechanical stress, in humid conditions and in various temperatures.

  • Suitable for fixed connection or energy supply chains.

  • Also halogen-free and available with international licences.

Fields of application:

  • automated manufacturing processes and industrial robots,

  • computers,

  • machine and appliance electronics,

  • measurement and control technology,

  • bus systems,

  • fast LAN and Ethernet applications,

  • music, studio and stage engineering,

  • and many more.

Catalogues and leaflets:



Unitronic - Lapp industrial cables



Catalogues and leaflets:



Etherline - Lapp industrial cables



ETHERLINE® - Ethernet cables

ETHERLINE® series from Lapp open up a secure, fast and reliable path to the future of Ethernet applications. The systems are made up of durable and robust cables and connection components for passive network technology, and deliver an effective solution for almost any application, particularly in an industrial environment.

Application range:

  • industry and building networks,

  • industrial machinery and plant engineering,

  • automation technology,

  • control engineering,

  • stage engineering and event technology.

HITRONIC® - Superfast fibre optic cables

HITRONIC® optical transfer media are unbeatably fast and secure when transferring large amounts of data in inter-office communication as well as in industry. They ensure superfast data transfer which is completely free of interference and is protected against monitoring. Not even electromagnetic interference can affect a HITRONIC® cable.


  • The cables are also mobile and can withstand great stress from environmental conditions.

  • Reliable, efficient and easy to install.

  • Extensive range of accessories.

  • Also highly flexible for use with drag chains.


Fields of application:

  • inter-office communication and networks,

  • industry and automation,

  • field bus systems,

  • and many more.

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Hitronic - Lapp industrial cables



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