Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are low-voltage light sources that require a constant DC voltage or current to operate optimally. Because they operate on a low-voltage DC power supply, they easily adapt to different power supplies, have longer standby power and are safer.


LED drivers can be used in many applications as LED-based products are poised to replace legacy light sources in virtually all general lighting applications indoors and out while also finding substantial use in many other places ranging from automotive headlamps to life-science applications such as horticulture and maintain a strong presence in backlight and display.


Our main partners in the field of Industrial LED lighting are Delta Electronics and MPL Power Elektro, which LED drivers are characterized by innovative PCB Design, high quality components, well established standard dimensions, and a very competitive price to quality ratio.




We offer comprehensive products for industrial lighting and system integration services to meet our customers requirements.


Our main partner for industrial LED lamps is Delta Electronics.


We offer different series of industrial led lamps with different characteristics:

  • Staccato series

  • TetradLux series

  • Aladdin series






LED drivers may be constant voltage types (usually 10V, 12V and 24V) or constant current types (350mA, 700mA and 1A). Some operate specific LED devices or arrays, while others can operate most commonly available LEDs. They are usually compact enough to fit a junction box, include isolated Class 2 output for safe handling of the load, operate at high system efficiency and offer remote operation of the power supply.


Our main partner for LED power supplies are Delta Electronics and MPL Power Elektro, which supplies GLP products.


We offer different categories of power supplies:

  • Constant voltage

  • Constant voltage with PFC

  • Constant voltage high power with PFC

  • Constant current LEDTRONIC series

  • Constant current

  • Constant current with PFC



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