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To our partners we offer extensive range of PCB mount components for a variety of applications. You can choose from different PCB signal, power and data connectors, PCB signal and power terminals, high speed cables and connectors, active and passive optics solutions, RF solutions, WI-FI modules for IoT, different PCB labeling solutions and ESD tools. 

To be able to offer solutions for different applications and needs of our customers we cooperate with different partners in the field of PCB connectivity.

PCB Housings

The application and its requirements are satisfied by the housing concept. Component housing with common pitch dimensions are particularly suited for standardized panel applications. The CH20M (Component Housing IP20 Modular) product series is primarily designed for high-spec applications and meets strict requirement profiles, for instance in the areas of machine safety and high-performance signal converters.

Our partners in the field of PCB housing are intenationally recognized brands. Their electronics housings provide a state-of-the-art platform for electronics applications: for all design types and usage areas.

Product Configurators:


Electronic housing


You can choose from :

  • Electronic Housings

Dinkle offers a wide range of electronic housings in various sizes and features. Customize printings, labeling, hole opening and special color can be arrangedas options, allowing you to accomplish your design ideas easily.​

  • Dinkle Bus

The Dinkle Bus portfolio consists of enclosures, a bus plate and accessories. All enclosures can be mounted on the bus plate for inter-connection of signal and power. The bus plate features a grounding function that ensures undisrupted signal transmission and power safety. The patented misplacement-proofing structure and quaternary coder markers assist users to complete wiring jobs conveniently and efficiently.​

  • PCB Carrier

Dinkle PCB carriers offer sizes that accommodate 42mm, 72mm and 107mm PCB widths. Products are available in single components or in sets. The length of the base plate can be cut according to customer’s required size​.

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