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To our partners we offer extensive range of PCB mount components for a variety of applications. You can choose from different PCB signal, power and data connectors, PCB signal and power terminals, high speed cables and connectors, active and passive optics solutions, RF solutions, WI-FI modules for IoT, different PCB labeling solutions and ESD tools. 

To be able to offer solutions for different applications and needs of our customers we cooperate with different partners in the field of PCB connectivity.

PCB Terminals and Connectors

A reliable device connection is an absolute must for your customized applications. We can offer you the appropriate connectivity to meet your exact requirements. Select from a product range with extremely compact PCB terminal blocks and PCB plug-in connectors that offer a large number of application-specific solutions for your design-in process thanks to intelligent locking concepts and high-performance connectivity.

If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality, durable connectors, be sure to check out our wide range of standard and custom PCB connectors and terminals. We deliver products from global suppliers like Dinkle. Regardless of your device configuration, we can offer you an ideal board-to-board connector with optimal performance.

PCB Connector-Plug

Connector-plugs use an assortment of connecting technologies such as screw connections, spring clamp connections and a push-in design structure. The plug components are available in a variety of wire entry angles and mounting structures.

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PCB Connector-Socket


Connector sockets are often soldered or mounted onto PCB terminal blocks. Sockets are available in a range of designs including different angles, single/multi-level, normal PA and high temperature material to meet different application and assembly requirements.

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PCB Terminal Blocks


PCB terminal blocks come in a wide range of products that are quick to install, easy to maintain and compact in size. They use a variety of connecting technologies and come in different angles, single/multi-level designs and high heat resistance material for reflow applications.

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Transformer Terminal Blocks


The special slot design on the back of the block makes for easy installation. This range of products provides a safe and reliable high voltage connection. The modular design allows the user to arrange the needed pole size with easily.

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Panel Feed-Through Blocks


A highly reliable structure through a panel or housing makes for a safer connection. There are different sizes available that are suitable for wire diameters ranging from 4mm² to 95mm². Different wiring angles are also available.

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Special Type Terminal Blocks


These products are designed for special connection purposes. The terminal blocks can be mounted on a panel or on a DIN rail while connected to a plug component. 5.00mm and 5.08mm pitches are available.

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Accessories are often used in PCB terminal blocks to improve connection verification and error-proofing. Accessories include key codes, levers and insertion bridges.

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