To our partners we offer reliable and high power density industrial AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC and AC/DC PCB modules to cover the needs for different applications in the field of electronic devices, e-mobility, IoT, industrial automation, building automation, healthcare, telecom and LED signage/display.

Our main partners in the field of power electronics are XP PowerDelta Electronics and ABB (GE). Besides, we offer many others to be able to offer solutions for different applications and needs of our customers.


Power Electronics Solutions

Besides standard products we can also provide different integrated solutions for your needs.


We can either manufacture electronic components by your specifications or we can help you with every step from development to integration of electronic products.


We focus mainly on:

  • Smart and Green Home Appliances:

    • Microwave Oven

    • Induction Cooktop

    • IH Grill

    • Blender

    • Refrigerator

    • Dish Washer

    • Wash Machine

    • Heat Pump Dryer

    • Air Conditioner

    • Air Cleaner

    • Dehumidifier

    • Massage Chair

    • TV

    • and other

  • Commercial and Industrial Appliances:

    • Forklift

    • Materials Handling Equipment Stacker

    • Pallet Truck

    • Tow Truck

    • Club Car

    • Induction Heating

    • Induction Cooktop

    • Induction Ranges

    • Treadmill

    • Sewing Machine

    • Air Conditioner

    • Portable Power Generator

    • and other

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