Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are low-voltage light sources that require a constant DC voltage or current to operate optimally. Because they operate on a low-voltage DC power supply, they easily adapt to different power supplies, have longer standby power, and are safer.



Why LED?

LED is highly energy efficient – Less heat, more light, lower cost


Use less electricity for the same light output - 85% less electricity when compared to conventional lighting and around 18% less electricity compared to CFL. Worldwide, around 20% of electricity is consumed in lighting. LED can make a big impact on your energy use. Savings really ratchet up in areas such as security, where lights are left on for longer periods. The average EU household has 24 lamp points and there is an LED alternative for nearly all of them.


Longer lifetime


50.000 hours. Real lifetime is 100.000 hours and more, however after 50.000 hours light output is decreased. Against other lightning types LED never stops to lit.


Resistance and robustness


No flexible parts or fragile filament and no breakable glass parts, which means less possibilities to encounter damage. LED lights are designed to operate in harsh environments and are resistant to vibrations.


LED is Instant ON - No waiting for light


LED lamps switch ON and OFF instantly and are flicker free – There is no warm up time unlike many CFLs.


Light spectrum without ultraviolet


Light spectrum does not include ultraviolet light, which is common in all others light solutions except of filament lamps. 


Dimming possibilities


Dimming LEDs, similar to the process with fluorescent sources, saves energy at a roughly 1:1 ratio. This means that if you dim LEDs down to 50% of their light output, you save nearly 50% of the associated energy use. While it is true that LEDs are already very efficient compared to almost any other light source, you save even more energy by dimming them. Dimming can be programmed for whole year in advance.


LEDs run cooler and can be safer


LED lamps run much cooler than traditional halogen lamps and can be less of a hazard (please consult a qualified electrician for fire safety regulations in your area). Halogen lamps are an inefficient way to heat a space. Using LED will allow a heating or air-conditioning system to run more effectively. When lamps run cooler they minimise the deterioration to light fittings, shades and decoration which can occur with hot lamps - so you light fittings will last longer. 


Lower maintenance costs


Because of LED's long lifetime and robustness, normally there is no maintenance cost till their replacement. Like elsewhere this is great advantage for lights in transport, where maintenance work represents high costs (rail ways, tunnels, cross roads).


Why choose Nexum as LED

solution partner?

Nexum d.o.o. is reliable partner, offering all you need for planning, implementing, managing and maintaining yourLED solution.


With our main partner Delta Electronics and our system integrator SILED we offer solutions for different markets and applications:



  • Industrial lighting

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  • Fashion store lighting

  • Petrol station lighting

  • Hotel lighting

  • Outdoor lighting

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