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Compact power solutions with digital & analog control

The HPA Series

Nov. 05, 2021

If you’re developing semiconductor fabrication systems, medical devices, or high-performance industrial equipment, you may need a power source – one that provides exactly the power and control parameteres that you need, from minimal space. Optimizing curing processes, for example, critically depends on the right consistent LED brightness – which is controlled by an accurate, reliable, and user configurable power supply.

The XP Power HPA1K5 comes in one of the market’s most compact packages with industry-leading power density in a convenient 1U format. This minimally-sized package also includes XP Power HP series DSP platform facilitating tailored configuration via both digital and analog controls.

The HPA series can be configured for load requirements up to 50 V and 1.5 kW as standard. Additionally, units can be paralleled to exceed 7.5 kW, with a single phase input from 80-264 VAC. Covering a broad range of string voltages and applications, the series is supported by development tools and use-defined options to optimize characteristics for high power LED applications.

Using XP Power’s comprehensive development tools, including the GUI, manuals, and digital interference, you can define signals, controls, and alarms to achieve tailored system integration. With its flexibility, programmable firmware, and scalability, the HPA1K5 becomes the only part needed to drop into multiple applications.

Features & benefits:

  • User defined signals, controls & alarms for tailored system integration.

  • Customer specific factory flashed firmware options.

  • Ultra-fast slew rates down to 40 ms.

  • Standard building block for power systems to 7.5 kW & beyond.

  • Development tools GUI and manuals for customer development.

  • High power density in space saving design (1U).

  • Simplified interconnections for high power systems.

  • Fast response to output programming adjustments.

  • High efficiency for reduced operational costs.

For more information about XP Power power supplies from HPA series contact our product specialist. If you want to learn more about our power supply offer, click here.


Aleksandra Memon

Power Electronics | PCB Relays & SSR | PCB Connectivity

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