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Vehicle electrification: the road ahead

Future mobility

May 21, 2021

In last 30 years, automobiles have come a long way. One key reason is the electrification of vehicles. Turn signals used to be mechanical switches. Today, everything is electronic including sound of the turn signals. Increased electronic content has added to the intelligence in the modern automobile.

Vehicle intelligence is enabled by V2X technologies (Vehicle to Everything). Leveraging next gen 5G networks and cloud services, V2X technologies improve traffic flow and increase safety. In Nexum, we cooperate with manufacturer Samtec whose expanding automotive interconnect portfolio helps route data from 5G radios to sensors throughout the vehicle. Combined with its IATF 16949 certification, Samtec offers technical expertise to support the unique challenges of automotive and transportation applications.

E-mobility is moving automotive technology forward, especially the need of power. Electric cars require DC-DC/AC-DC power conversion, and thermal management for durability and long-life, as well as energy storage and efficient ways to heat or cool the cabin. From charging stations and remote or mobile (vehicle-to-vehicle) charging to a full battery swap, users require options to quickly power their vehicles at home and on the road. Whether inside or outside of the vehicle, Samtec offers a wide variety of interconnects and high-power solutions to meet these needs.

Electrification Leads to Automotive 2.0

Automotive 2.0 is driving at an unprecedented growth. With global manufacturing facilities, an extensive line of proven interconnect solutions, and full custom product development capabilities, Samtec is well positioned to support the interconnect needs of many automotive applications.

Products must be certified as “ACD Products” to meet TS 16949 standards for automotive applications. Samtec earned its ISO/TS 16949 certification in 2006 and has assembled a team of experts and systems designed specifically to support the unique challenges of automotive applications requiring interconnect solutions. Samtec’s automotive scope includes:

  • Design and manufacturing of electronic connectors marketed as “ACD Series” (Automotive Certified Designs) for PCBs.

  • IMDS registered (International Material Data System) ACD Series connectors.

  • A wide range of products suitable for prototype and test equipment applications.

Manufacturer Samtec offers quality connection technology – connectors and solutions for the automotive industry:

  • Connectors for safety: for warning sensors, emergency communication, anti-theft systems, hands free systems, airbag release systems.

  • Connectors for DIS (driver information system) / Audio: navigation and tracking, cruise control, GPS, satellite radio, entertainment systems, heads-up display system.

  • Connectors for control modules: instrument panel and cockpit, steering modules, brake modules, engine control systems, power door locks, automatic transmission (Tiptronic).

  • Connectors for cabin interior: power windows and seats, sunroof controls, day/night mirrors, interior lighting, night vision system, climate control.

Samtec is TS 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certified. In addition, Samtec is compliant with International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR), and with EU WEEE and RoHS directives.

For more information about products for e-mobility, please contact our specialist. To find out more about products from our manufacturer Samtec click here.


Aleksandra Memon

Power Electronics | PCB Relays & SSR | PCB Connectivity

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