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Fire protection for installations

Fire-resistant boxes, housings, and sealing systems for fire protection walls and ceilings

Jul. 10, 2024

By installing fire-resistant boxes and other fire protection products, we protect installations and ensure improved fire resistance of fire protection walls and ceilings.

When it comes to structural fire protection, building technology planners and installers face unique challenges. The greatest potential danger lies not in the building itself, but in its technical and electrical systems. Kaiser fire protection systems provide reliable solutions for electrical installations in fire protection walls and ceilings, ensuring the required fire resistance. Intelligent products for active and preventive fire protection are made from fire-resistant, halogen-free materials that comply with current legal and technical requirements.

Kaiser AFS technology

AFS - Active Fire Stop provides proactive fire protection regardless of the direction from which the fire load originates. A fast-acting, non-combustible coating in boxes, housings, and partitions activates immediately in the event of a fire, filling the opening for installations with foam. This prevents the spread of fire and smoke, while maintaining the fire resistance of walls and ceilings.

Recessed fire protection boxes

Innovative recessed fire protection boxes for installation in solid fire protection walls maintain their fire resistance despite the embedded electrical installation. The encompassing non-combustible coating on the boxes foams up in case of fire (AFS technology), automatically closing the installation openings. This preserves the fire resistance of the wall and reliably prevents the spread of fire and smoke through the installation openings.

Fire seals for fire protection walls

Fire seals in fire protection walls are necessary when cables or conduits need to pass through walls with fire resistance. To prevent the spread of smoke or fire, the opening must be professionally sealed. Kaiser solutions ensure quick, safe, and reliable closure. Benefits of Kaiser seals include:

  • easy installation,

  • secure, certified fire sealing,

  • suitable for transitions and entries into walls,

  • non-destructive retrofitting,

  • for cable bundles or individual installation conduits,

  • also suitable for mixed installation of cable and conduit bundles.

Sealing plugs

Kaiser manufactures sealing plugs with ECON® technology for sealing all common installation conduits in single-gang boxes or cable exits. Sealing plugs with three sealing lips (rings) of varying widths adapt to the installation conduit, ensuring an airtight and smoke-tight closure even for conduits cut at an angle.

  • For empty conduit installations in an airtight design or in fire protection areas,

  • three sealing lips optimally fit the installation conduit,

  • guaranteed airtightness,

  • cable entry without the use of tools,

  • prevention of cable entanglement,

  • for installation conduits sizes M16 – M40, Pg 9 – Pg 36, 3/4" and 5/8.

Fire protection housings

FlamoX® housings for fire protection represent a new generation of proven enclosures designed for installing additional equipment such as lights, speakers, or other devices in suspended fire protection ceilings. Due to their lightweight design, even when lights or speakers are installed, no additional suspension devices are necessary. FlamoX® housings withstand fire loads from above and below.

Ceiling penetration sealing systems

Ceiling penetration sealing systems ensure that the ceiling maintains its fire resistance.

  • Safe, visible certified fire sealing,

  • sealing specifically designed for ceiling penetrations,

  • independent sealing without filling and greasing,

  • non-destructive retrofitting,

  • suitable for mixed installation of cable and conduit bundles,

  • easy and fast installation from above.

By installing fire-resistant boxes and other fire protection products such as seals and housings, we achieve protection for installations and enhance the fire resistance of fire protection walls and ceilings. Kaiser fire protection systems offer reliable solutions for electrical installations, ensuring the required fire resistance. With their intelligent products for active and preventive fire protection, made from fire-resistant, halogen-free materials, Kaiser ensures compliance with current legal and technical requirements.


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