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Grommets: a complete range to make your work easier

For cleaner installations and safer cables

Jan. 20, 2022

To make good progress on your projects, it is important to have all the right tools and materials at hand. We know that saving time is a valuable asset. In your installations, grommets are often used extensively. We know that grommets protect wires from wear and tear in passages through partitions or sheet metal to prevent short circuits with unpredictable consequences. Because we know the reality of the field, we offer you a new practical product from SES Sterling: a range of grommets for all your needs.

A practical range of grommets

Make your work easier and save time. You will find a complete range of HELAVIA® and PLIO® grommets in one easy-to-carry box.

The transparent polypropylene box (specification), equipped with a handle for easy transport, contains 12 different references distributed as follows:

  • 30x HELAVIA® DG M16 grommets (ref.: 0258 0011 010)

  • 30x HELAVIA® DG M20 grommets (ref.: 0258 0012 010)

  • 15x HELAVIA® DG M25 grommets (ref.: 0258 0013 010)

  • 30x DK-PVC grommets 10/12/16-2 (ref.: 0132 0108 010)

  • 30x DK-PVC grommets 8/10/14-1,5 (ref.: 0132 0095 010)

  • 30x DK-PVC grommets 4/8/11-1,5 (ref.: 0107 0008 010)

  • 30x DG-PVC grommets 9 (ref.: 0133 0351 010)

  • 30x DG-PVC grommets 11 (ref.: 0133 0352 010)

  • 30x DG-PVC grommets 13,5 (ref.: 0133 0353 010)

  • 20x PLIO® grommets 14-553 PVC (ref.: 0134 0003 010)

  • 20x PLIO® grommets 14-600 PVC (ref.: 0134 0009 010)

  • 10x PLIO® grommets 14-1372 PVC (ref.: 0134 0011 010)

This assortment of 305 grommets quickly covers all your needs. Your installations will be cleaner and your cables safer. Whether you work in maintenance, industry or simply as a wholesaler, this assortment of grommets will quickly become a must.

SES-STERLING specialises mainly in Polychloroprene (Neoprene/Baypren). For special needs, other qualities can be produced (e.g. EPDM, NBR or Silicone).

For more information about SES-STERLING products contact our product specialist. If you want to learn more about grommets in our offer click here.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

T: +386 40 755 559


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