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New DC-DC converters: The HRC05 Series

High-performance, reliable, and compact solutions for critical long-term applications

May 28, 2021

If your system design needs high voltage power but you are constrained for space and have demands for more functionality, tighter specifications, and a wider operating temperature range, miniature HRC05 regulated SW HV DC-DC converters are complete solutions. They provide accurate, reliable voltages to 6 kV from a minimal footprint, which integrate optimally into a diverse range of high voltage applications.

Compact and reliable DC-DC converters for critical long-term applications

If you are working on critical analytical, medical, semiconductor or detector applications, you need a dependable high voltage power source to design in with confidence.

Selecting a DC-DC converter of suitable HV requirement can be straight forward, but can you be sure it has all the important features you need? Is voltage control, built-in current limit, voltage regulation and monitoring all included? Is it highly accurate, ensures long term reliability and delivers safe operation over a required temperature range?

The HRC05 series of 5 W regulated high voltage miniature DC-DC converters is the answer. Each product gives you all these features and more within a single, miniature standard package up to 6 kV. These small-sized, higher specification drop-in solutions are backed by the XP Power brand with its mature resources, worldwide quality team and extensive design validation and testing processes.

Do you have high voltage integration issues in your application?

A high voltage converter becomes simpler to integrate if, like the HRC05, it has a regulated, accurate, low noise, high voltage output, together with voltage and current monitoring and output voltage control. Ease of integration is also related to leading safety features like input overvoltage protection, output current limiting, and ARC and overload protection. The HRC05 give you all these crucial features implemented within a minimal space, so you can design the converter into your target application with certainty and ease.

The HRC05 regulated HV DC-DC converter provide high-performance solutions for a wide range of projects. Whether developing sensitive laboratory instruments, medical diagnostics applications, inspection, detection, or scientific equipment, employing precision, analytical instruments to mission-critical equipment, XP Power products fulfil your needs for high performance and reliability. Advanced features and technical specifications allow you to design high voltage capability into your application with minimal effort.

Key specifications:

  • Input voltage: 24 V nominal (22 V – 30 V)

  • Programming/control voltage: 0 to 5 V

  • On board 5 V reference voltage

  • Output voltages: +/- 350 V to +/- 6000 V

  • Load and line regulation: 0,01 %

  • Low ripple: 0,01 %

  • Tempco: 100 ppm / C

  • Stability: 100 ppm / 8 hours

  • Operating temperature (case): -40 °C to 70 °C

  • Arc, overload, short circuit and over temperature protection

  • 5 sides aluminium can with RTV, vacuum encapsulation

  • Designed to meet RoHS, CE, and UL standards

New DC-DC converters selector guide

XP Power published new DC-DC converters selector guide with embedded links to each specific product’s datasheet. The guide has been fully updated with many new products added including some that are due to be released over the next few months. DC-DC product categories include: ITE, LED drivers, photovoltaic power, SMD, medical, switching regulators, chassis/DIN rail mount, railway & renewable energy. You can see new DC-DC converters selector guide here.

For more information about HRC05 Series DC-DC converters, please contact our specialist. To find out more about DC-DC converters in our portfolio click here.


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