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High-speed connectors for patient care applications

Technology that provides safe and secure connections

Sep. 28, 2021

The needs of the medical profession go beyond the safe conditions of the operating room and the hospital. Many patients are cared for in other environments – doctors’ offices, health centres and increasingly, in the home. This is especially true for patients who require long-term care, and the technology that they need faces the challenge of being used far from the confines of the hospital.

This is not a new trend. For many years, healthcare professionals have made visits to patients’ homes. For example, in many parts of the world, prenatal care for expectant mothers is carried out in the home. The equipment employed by midwives must be portable to allow easy use, but also robust enough to cope with frequent use. Designers have always been forced to take this into account when creating the latest medical devices.

In addition to these traditional applications, the medical industry is taking advantage of the latest machine-to-machine communication that is at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT allows devices to share data with each other and has reached a new level of sophistication with the recent introduction of the 5G wireless network. The ability to monitor and treat patients remotely has revolutionized many aspects of the medical industry.

The advances in the field of wearable technology are freeing some patients from the need to attend clinics regularly, allowing them to continue with their daily lives. Developments in treatment technology such as nebulizers and insulin delivery systems are enabling patients to receive full medical care in the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, the connectivity that is provided by the 5G network means that healthcare professionals can constantly monitor the patient’s condition remotely.

The power of wearable devices

These wearable devices have little in common with the large and cumbersome machines often found in hospitals. Modern electronic design means that this new generation of wearable devices is unobtrusive and convenient, allowing patients the freedom to carry on their daily lives even while being monitored and treated.

The smartwatch is an example of a device that combines reduced size with advanced functionality. Using Bluetooth to connect with a 5G device such as smartphone, this wearable technology can gather information about the wearer and share it with healthcare providers remotely. In many cases, the monitoring of the patient throughout the day provides a more accurate insight into their condition than many hospital-based instruments.

These new applications for wearable technology and data communications will mean that reliable, high-speed connectors are key to the future of the medical industry. Their use by patients as part of monitoring and self-treatment devices will find connectors in new and unusual environments.

The next generation of medical care

The use of devices that provide remotely delivered care will need to address the topic of data security. With wearable devices transmitting patients’ data via 5G networks, designers must create technology that provides safe and secure connections. Fortunately, the medical industry can rely on cross-industry expertise by choosing solutions that have proven successful in other sensitive applications such as data centres and consumer devices.

Our supplier Samtec has years of experience in creating connector solutions for the medical industry. Designers of the latest medical devices can benefit from both high-speed and power connectors that have been subjected to Samtec’s rigorous extended life product and severe environment testing program. These certifications provide designers with the confidence that they need when creating medical products that are suitable for this new generation of patient care.

Samtec offers a wide variety of solutions for any type of medical application:

  1. Point of care & monitoring: from documentation to testing and monitoring, POC equipment streamlines the process for medical products and services to be administered to the patient without delays. Samtec offers high-speed ultra micro and RF solutions with high reliability ideal for the portability and accuracy of POC devices to deliver data in real time.

  2. Therapeutics: today’s therapeutics and rehabilitation include new technology, from robotics to implantables, that require reliable solutions to assist with treating and healing disease, pain, and injuries. Samtec offers rugged and ultra micro interconnects to deliver the high reliability needed to ensure patients are receiving consistent and effective therapy.

  3. Medical equipment: medical equipment covers a wide range from monitors to robots but, similar solutions are required for all – high performance, reliable, rugged, lightweight, and small form factors. Medical equipment is becoming more sophisticated and Smatec’s high-speed, high-power and RF interconnects are ideal in applications where consistent performance is critical.

  4. Surgical: equipment found in the surgical theatre, from lightning and tables to monitors and robotics requires interconnects with high reliability and the ability to withstand harsh environments. Samtec offers a variety of rugged and high-performance solutions ideal for keeping the operating room safe and efficient for both patients and healthcare workers.

  5. Imaging: medical imaging requires high data rate solutions to quickly transmit large volumes of imagery from the device’s detector to the processing unit. Samtec offers high-speed and non-magnetic interconnects for quality imaging to help diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions.

Our product specialist is on hand to assist you with product selection. We can offer technical and commercial support. Please contact our specialist for more information about Samtec’s products. If you want to learn more about high-speed connectors in our offer, click here.


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