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Visualization of the Lockout Tagout system in the workplace

To enhance the convenience and visibility of the Lockout Tagout system, implement custom-made shadowboards

May 24, 2024

Workplace safety is a crucial aspect of any company. An effective way to achieve a high level of safety is by implementing the Lockout Tagout procedure, which prevents accidents involving moving parts of machinery by interrupting the supply of electrical energy.

Ensure access to Lockout Tagout equipment where you need it

To ensure visibility and convenience of Lockout Tagout equipment, we present shadowboards. These boards can consist of multiple panels and include "shadows" or outlines of Lockout Tagout padlocks, devices, and accessories used at a specific workplace. Shadowboards greatly simplify the tasks for employees and ensure that the equipment is returned to its proper place after maintenance.

Which equipment is depicted on the shadowboards?

We customize the boards to fit your needs, ensuring that all the relevant equipment you use is included. Just let us know your requirements, and we will make sure they are met.

Case Study: Utilizing a Shadowboard in a Warehouse

The warehouse of a large e-commerce organization utilizes custom-made, highly visible shadowboards to optimize the efficiency of the Lockout Tagout system and maintain workplace safety. These tailored shadowboards significantly enhance the effectiveness of the Lockout Tagout system by clearly indicating to employees and service providers which equipment they need to take and where to return it after servicing the machinery.

Example of Best Practice: Using a Shadowboard in Manufacturing

Chocolate manufacturer already had Lockout Tagout locks, equipment, and procedures in place to ensure safe intervention in machines. However, the company aimed to further optimize the use of Lockout Tagout equipment. They decided to implement five shadowboards, four of which are specific to different production areas, while one serves as a central maintenance board. These boards feature outlines for locks in various colours, lockout devices for valves, and various accessories. They also include holders for safety tags, significantly improving the organization and visibility of all tools.

In practice, the use of shadowboards has proven to be very useful as it significantly contributes to organization and tidiness, making the execution of the Lockout Tagout procedure much easier. Shadowboards are customized according to your requirements and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. For more information about Lockout Tagout shadowboards and other workplace safety solutions, please contact our specialist.


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