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Everything for Lockout Tagout in one place

Lockout Tagout is a process that effectively prevents unwanted releases of hazardous energies (unexpected start-ups) during maintenance, start-ups, stops, cleaning, control and other interventions in work equipment and electrical and mechanical installations. It ensures a very high level of safety for all participants in the processes and prevents damage to work equipment and installations. The system has very beneficial effects for companies, so it is expanding extremely fast and is applied in an increasing number of global and domestic companies and their branches.

Why Lockout/Tagout?

Varovanje zdravja

Protects employee health.

Varovanje pred poškodbami opreme.jpg

Prevents equipment damage.

Delovne nezgode.jpg

Helps to prevent errors and working accidents.


Improves productivity.

Nižji stroški.jpg

Reduces costs:

  • costs of injuries (compensations),

  • costs of insurances,

  • costs due to absence or even loss of experienced staff.


The Lockout Tagout system meets and upgrades the requirements of current EU legislation in this area:

  • The EU Guidelines 89/655 specify the minimum requirements concerning safety and health while using equipment. Paragraph 2.14 lays down that “every piece of equipment must be fitted with clearly visible devices with which it can be separated from every energy source.

  • EN 1037 norm related to the equipment’s safety defines the measures regarding the energy isolation of machinery and the power dissipation to prevent hazardous equipment re-energising. It assures a safe and secure intervention within a risk-prone area.

  • European directive CEE 89/655 outlines the minimum regulations for the safety and protection of employees when servicing industrial equipment.

Are you looking for the right partner for Lockout Tagout solutions?

Nexum d.o.o. is reliable partner, offering all you need for planning, implementing, managing, and maintaining your Lockout Tagout system.

Specialists with over 30 years of experiences with Lo-To system, gained all over the world, are available to assist you in all phases. So far, the system has been introduced in more than 50 companies in Southeast Europe.

Why choose Nexum for your partner?

  • Because we have the most experience in implementing Lo-To system.

  • Because we completely adapt to the customer and treat each customer individually.

  • Because we are responsive and flexible.

  • Because we do our job on time.

  • Because you get everything you need in one place and at competitive prices.

The perfect selection of equipment

Brady offers the widest range of Lo-To equipment. If necessary, Nexum also supplies equipment from many other manufacturers, such as Master Lock, at affordable prices. If you need any help with choosing the right equipment or if you want a presentation, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to respond and give you professional advice.

You can read more about safety padlocks in the news Choose the right lock to keep employees safe.

More about the control of dangerous energies in the news LOCKOUT TAGOUT: control over the release of dangerous energy.

Safety padlocks

Different shackle sizes, materials, and colours, engraving possible.

Lockout stations and boards

We offer stations and boards – opened and closed equipment storage solutions.

Lockout devices

We offer comprehensive line of Lockout devices for both electrical and mechanical risk lockout.

Tags and identification systems

We offer pre-printed labels and printers for labels.

Warning tags

We offer warning tags in user's language, completely customised according to customers' needs.


We offer software for documentation and control.


We can create:

  • custom internal policies for you, which we design together. We start from our best practice recommendations, and then tailor the closest option to fit your company's situation. The internal policy is the basis for everything that you undertake in the direction of introducing and maintaining the LOTO process.


  • We also produce instructions for individual machines (machine-specific procedures). We adapt the content and design of the instructions to the client and produce them with the cooperation of the client's experts.


  • We also participate in the creation of forms, the implementation of LOTO procedures in work orders and other documents used by the client.


We offer customized training for all levels of users of the LOTO process.

We adapt the training according to the specifics of the company, the time available, technical limitations, etc. We provide education in Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and English.

We are the first to offer online training in addition to live training and video conferences. These trainings are particularly suitable for refresher or lower level users of the procedure. The advantage is that the user can do them at any time, all he needs is access to the Internet.

You can access online training via the training nexum website.

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