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A wide selection of flexible protective conduits for electrical cables

Electrical cables and hoses are generally protected when they cannot withstand the conditions in which they are installed. Protective conduits are used as protection against external influences (mechanical, UV, moisture, etc.) or for arranging installations for the purpose of tidiness, orderly arrangement and, finally, a more beautiful appearance.

We offer more than 200 different types of metal and plastic flexible protective conduits, round and square, closed and open, meshed and collapsible, so you will certainly find the right solution for your needs. Protective conduits are available in various dimensions (from 8 mm onwards). 

Flexible plastic protective conduits

Flexible industrial conduits are used to protect the installations from harsh environmental conditions. We offer solutions from various manufacturers that complement each other perfectly, and in this way, we provide solutions for a wide range of applications. Fields, where cable and hose protections are most used:

  • machinery,

  • telecommunications,

  • railway,

  • transportation,

  • renewable energy,

  • food and beverage,

  • utilities and petrochemical sectors,

  • outdoor installations,

  • marine.

Key features of plastic industrial conduits:

  • light weight,

  • easy to cut,

  • high fatigue life,

  • superior IP ratings - up to IP69,

  • slit versions available,

  • noncorrosive,

  • highly flexible,

  • wide range of sizes,

  • large selection of equipment for assembly and fastening and combination with other solutions,

  • suitable for a wide range of applications,

  • good price.

Protective conduits we offer have been developed and tested to the most demanding quality standards and have been awarded quality approvals and compliance worldwide.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturers Atkore Flexicon and Icotek.

Plastične zaščitne cevi
Kovinske zaščitne cevi

Flexible metallic conduits

Flexible metallic industrial conduits protect installations from harsh environmental conditions and mechanical impacts. Typical applications:

  • railway,

  • transportation,

  • renewable energy,

  • food and beverage,

  • machinery,

  • utilities and petrochemical sectors,

  • outdoor installations,

  • marine.

With over 70 different metal conduit systems to select from there is sure to be a system to meet your application. Choose from conduit systems ranging from 10 mm to 75 mm in size, manufactured in galvanised steel or stainless steel and with or without a range of coverings/over braiding.

Key features of metallic protective conduits:

  • high compression strength,

  • high pull off strength,

  • wide temperature tolerances,

  • high impact strength,

  • EMC screening performance,

  • high IP rating - up to IP68 and IP69K.

Key benefits:

  • suitable for a wide range of applications including heavy duty,

  • maintains integrity of the system in extreme applications,

  • can withstand impact forces such as falling objects,

  • protection against electromagnetic interference,

  • no risk of water or dust ingress.

Atkore Flexicon protective conduits have been developed and tested to the most demanding quality standards and have been awarded quality approvals and compliance worldwide.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturers Atkore Flexicon and Icotek.

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Flexible installation conduits

We offer flexible installation conduits, produced by Dietzel Univolt.

PVC flexible conduits: a specialised solution for any kind of electrical installation in superior quality and with a large selection of accessories. Increased mechanical properties and chemical resistance guarantee safe installations over decades.

Halogen free flexible conduits: Dietzel Univolt's HFT series combine halogen free and flame retardant materials. That guarantees the highest level of safety and limits the damages and consequences of fires. These conduits complement HF cables and comply with safety requirements according to LSF0H.

Protective tubes for photovoltaics: tubes with UV protection that are suitable for photovoltaic systems. They are intended to protect cables from external influences, such as UV rays, rain, snow, wind, and thus ensure a long lifespan of photovoltaic systems.

Dietzel Univolt is offering a vast range of products that meet the highest international standards and quality requirements. A rich selection of products allows customers to choose from several areas of installation technology.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturer Dietzel Univolt.

Pletene cevi

Braided sleeving

Expandable braided sleeves made of plastic or metal are ideal solution for support, protection and masking of cables and other types of flexible installations. They also contribute greatly to the final look of the product.

Braided protective sleeves are not a novelty on the market, but their use is on the rise due to the development of materials, practicality, and variety of applications that other solutions do not have. They are mainly used for the purposes of installation arrangements, mechanical protection, EMC protection, fire protection, temperature protection, electrical insulation, and special purposes in industry.

Braided sleeves are physically different by:

  • Material: artificial materials, metal, special technical materials that provide specific properties.

  • Method of production: weaving can be more dense or more sparse. Dense weaving provides better protection and less flexibility.

  • Thread thicknesses: threads can be of different thicknesses. Thicker treads are usually used for greater wear resistance.

  • Cutting method: it is recommended to cut with hot thread, which reduces the possibility of the braid splitting after cutting. There are also special series that are minimally damaged by cutting with ordinary scissors.

  • Degree of coverage: the degree of coverage depends on the weaving and how much the hose is shrunk or stretched lengthwise.

  • Temperature resistance: braided sleeves are resistant to low and high temperatures, special designs can withstand over 1000 °C.

  • Resistance to wear and other external conditions: braided sleeves are differently resistant to external influences due to different materials, thicknesses and weave density. They can be useful for very demanding applications on outdoor machines, where there is a lot of movement and rubbing, withstand contact with aggressive chemicals, excellent UV tolerance and can even be fire resistant.

Expandable protective braided sleeves made of artificial materials

Expandable protective braided sleeves

Expandable protective braided sleeves are most used. Halogen-free, self-extinguishing, and affordable PET braided sleeves are used to arrange installations with a normal level of protection. Their variations include series that allow greater expansion, multicolour interweaving, the inclusion of reflective materials, and so on. For applications where protection against external conditions is most important, braided sleeves made of more durable materials are available, which can be knitted or woven from thicker threads, coated with layers of additional protection, or containing substances that allow them to conduct. Thus, EMC protection can also be implemented without the use of metal braided sleeves.


And you can read more about heavy-duty braids in the news Gorilla Sleeve®: Flat Filament Expandable Braided Sleeving.

Advantages of the use of expandable braided sleeves:

  • Adaptability: they are very practical solution due to their ability to get ready-made cables and hoses through, as they expand in a ratio of 1:3 or even 1:4. This means that if the total diameter of the braided sleeve is 15 mm, it is possible to pass e.g. connector with as much as 60 mm diameter.

  • Length: braided sleeves can be installed over installations without the use of towing tools, etc., even up to a length of 25 m.


  • Exceptional flexibility: braided sleeves are flexible in all directions, can withstand rotations and adapt to all possible shapes when working in tight spaces.


  • Compactness and weight: due to their thinness and flexibility, they are the best solution in terms of space consumption and weight. Nevertheless, they still offer effective protection against mechanical impacts.

  • Dirt and humidity: the braided sleeves are suitable for places where cleaning and rinsing take place, as they do not retain dirt, and the installations dry quickly due to incomplete coverage.

  • Appearance: braided sleeves are available in as many as 30 different colours. Due to their appearance, they are suitable for use in more exposed places, such as: public places, offices and even living rooms.

Expandable braided sleeves
Expandable braided sleeves
Expandable braided sleeves
Expandable braided sleeves

Wrapping braided sleeves (split protective hoses) of artificial materials

Wrapping braided sleeves of artificial materials

The main difference between wrapped and expandable braided sleeves is that they are opened and allow installation on existing - connected installations, as well as allow installation on prefabricated installations that have large connectors or other types of connections. They are installed using tools, they can also have adhesive tapes, glue or even buttons.

They are available in different materials for different applications.

Metal braided sleeves

Metal braided sleeves

Metal expandable protective braided sleeves differ from ones made of artificial materials mainly in conductivity, in some cases in better mechanical protection, appearance, resistance to temperature and weight.

They are available in the following materials:

  • tinned copper,

  • silver plated copper,

  • uncoated copper,

  • uncoated brass,

  • stainless steel.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturers Techflex and SES Sterling.

Spirals and other protective tubes

Protective tubing is used to hold and protect cable harnesses, pneumatic tubes, and hydraulic tubes.


SES Sterling offers a range of products for protection of wire harnesses and their derivations:

  • Zipper tubing PLIOZIP,

  • Spiral tubing PLIOSPIRE,

  • Braided sleeving PLIOSIL,

  • TECHFLEX plastic and metal braided sleeving

These protective tubes can be used in mobile or fixed electrical installations (machines, robots with articulated arms, office, and control panels etc.).


  • Hold and protect: tubing protects the wire harness with cable bypass option and helps to avoid cable clutter and risk of accidents. Protection tubing is easily removed and reused.

  • Flexibility: tubing is very flexible, resistant to fatigue and can bend in one direction or the other.

  • Chemical resistance: well resistant to alcohol, greases, mineral oils, fuel and benzenes and many other, depending on the material.

PLIOZIP cable harness protective conduits are easy to use, provide good adhesion and long-term durability. In addition to the well-established black tubes, orange ones are now also available. These are mainly intended for use in electric vehicles.

The development of electric transport in the world creates new needs for dedicated solutions, which manufacturers are constantly following.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturer SES Sterling.

Aranžirne zaščitne cevi

Flexible conduits for clean environments

We offer cable protection products which enable efficient cleaning whilst providing system integrity for Hygienic Environments. These conduits protect against the build-up of microbes and bacteria and also ensure that cleaning processes do not damage or compromise equipment operation. Applications including Food & Beverage, Machinery & OEM’s, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries all rely on the benefits of effective Cable Protection.

Our main partner for flexible conduits is Atkore Flexicon with comprehensive product range of flexible conduit systems, made in the U.K. Utilising world-class technological know-how Atkore Flexicon continues to develop flexible conduit solutions, providing new products for some of the most demanding applications for Cable Protection.

The features and advantages of cable protection for clean and sterile environments are described in the news Hygienic solutions for food & beverage and sterile environments.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturer Atkore Flexicon.

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