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Efficient control of spilled liquids with innovative absorbents

Leaks, drips and spills in industry can pose major safety risks, both for employees and for machinery, equipment and the environment. The risks are effectively reduced by using absorbents, liquid retainers, granular absorbents, chemical absorbents and other solutions. Spills most commonly occur in exterior and interior storage areas, around machinery and equipment, at loading bays, during maintenance, etc.

Why is spill control so important?

Beyond the obvious need to protect our environment and to reuse or recycle as often as we can, a proper spill control programme can create a safe and productive work environment for your employees. By complying with safety regulations around spill control we provide our people with the conditions that allow for the greatest productivity and the least amount of down time for our facilities.

SPC absorbents and other spill control products protect against unexpected spills, leaks and drips. With SPC absorbents we can control different spills (oil, water, acids, various chemicals and other industrial fluids). For successful containment of spilled liquids, it is important to choose the right absorbent.

3 steps to help you find the right absorbent

1. Spill identification: you need to use different absorbents for different types of spills.

  • Universal absorbents: suitable for water or oil-based fluids.

  • Oil-only absorbents: suitable for oil and other petroleum-based spills.

  • chemical absorbents: suitable for hazardous chemical fluids, because they will not react with aggressive fluids.

Spill identification

2. Identification of application:

  • To contain slow leaks we use pads, pillows, SOCs, liquid retainers under containers and pallets, etc.​

  • We use mats and rugs for heavy foot and forklift traffic, to prevent liquid from reaching the floor underneath.

  • We use spill kits bundle with all the necessary products to clean up an unexpected spill.

  • We use special abosrbents, such as boom, sweep and drag nets for marine environments.

3. Identification of absorbent features:

  • absorbency weight,

  • mechanical resistance,

  • type of removal of absorbent material,

  • size options of absorbent.

SPC equipment
Identification of absorbent features

What to do when a spill occurs?

Identify spilled product. If you are not familiar with the liquid and its chemical properties, evacuate the area and contact proper authorities.

  1. Risk assessment: evaluate the type of material spilled and identify the source.

  2. Protective clothing: wear the appropriate protective gear for the situation. If the source or the material are not identifiable assume the worst.

  3. Containment: contain the liquid and seal drains.

  4. Stop the source: close valves, rotate punctured drums and plug leaks where it is possible and safe to do so.

  5. Begin clean-up: use SPC sorbents to absorb spilled liquids.

  6. Contact authorities: report the spill to the proper legal authorities in your community.

  7. Disposal of used material: absorbent materials take on the characteristics of whatever they absorb. Be sure to dispose of used absorbents and spilled liquids in accordance with local laws.

  8. Decontaminate: clean all tools and reusable materials properly before reuse.

  9. Restock materials: replace absorbent materials and safety equipment used in any clean-up operation.

  10. Review contingency plans and procedures!

Nadzor nad razlitji

Specialized products for spill control

Our specialist in the field of safety at work in industry advise you on choosing the right solutions to control possible liquid spills. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for the prevention and remediation of spills from the manufacturer Brady SPC. We offer products for spills in different areas (in industry, laboratories, hospitals, schools ...), for different purposes.

SPC products for different purposes

Universal absorbents

Universal absorbents

All-purpose products are suitable for cleaning-up oils, coolants, solvents and water-based fluids anywhere in your facility.

Marine specialty absorbents

Marine specialty abosrbents

Marine specialty absorbents are desgined to float on water and contain or absorb a wide variety of marine fuels and oils in lakes, rivers, streams, marines, etc.

Oil only absorbents

Oil only absorbents

These absorbents are specialised for oil and other petroleum-based spills including paints and other non-water soluble chemicals.

Mats and rugs

Mats and rugs

Mats and rugs are designed to hold up in thoughest applications and are ideal for high traffic areas in warehouses and workstations.

Chemical absorbents

Chemical absorbents

Surfactant-treated polypropylene absorbents can be used on a wide range of chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid, and are chemically inert.

Stations and kits

Stations and kits

Absorbent storage centres and SPC spill kits provide fast-response solutions for unplanned spills of oils, solvents, coolants and other fluids.

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