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Quality safety identification helps to ensure safety at work 

Quality safety identification makes a major contribution to safety at work. Each case in industry has its own story, that is why custom labelling solutions are greatly needed. We solve this with specific label printers, and we also offer pictogram pre-printed labels.

Primary areas of application:

Floor marking
Pipe marking
Dangerous substances

Machinery and workplace:

labels with instructions and warnings, placement of tools and equipment, area marking

Floor marking::

marking of transport and other routes, pallet places, retention areas


warnings, obligations and prohibitions, emergency guidance, fire safety

Pipe marking:

pipe content, flow direction, warnings, instructions

Dangerous substances:

transport and storage markings

LOTO tags



LOTO tags:

Lockout Tagout

Namizni tiskalniki

Benchtop printers for warning labels

Desktop printers are designed to print well-readable professional labels that can withstand even the most demanding conditions. The choice of printer depends on the required size of the labels, number of colors and the application of the labels themselves.

How to choose the right printer for your needs?

The choice of desktop printer is based on the needs of each user or company. Choosing the right printer, software, and printing materials means the best user experience, optimal performance, and cost management.

The selection is based on:

  • Labels: tape width, properties of materials.

  • Colours: needed number of colours on tags.

  • Applications: where and how will tags be placed.

  • Special requirements: contrast, reflectivity, floor application, etc.

Choose the right printer for your application

Choose the right printer for your application

Printing logos, icons, pictures and complex procedures means you need a lot of two things: one is materials and two is time. That is, if you’re using the wrong printer. What you need is an inkjet printer that can balance the complexity of safety and compliance labels with the demands of an industrial environment. Say hello to the BradyJet family of industrial inkjet printers.


You can read more in our news High impact, precision full colour that lasts.

BradyJet J4000


Portable printers for warning labels

Portable printers allow you to create safety identification, whenever and wherever you need them. They are lightweight and easy-to-use and therefore intended for use on the job site. In addition to manual data entry, they also support connection to computers and portable devices (phones, tablets). They are limited by the maximum width of labels (50 mm) and the inability to print labels in more than two colours (background and print).

How to choose the right portable printer for your needs?

The choice of portable printer is based on the needs of each user or company. Choosing the right printer, software, and printing materials means the best user experience, optimal performance, and cost management.

The selection is based on:

  • Portability: field use, carrying in a tool case, etc.

  • Labels: size, type and quantity.

  • Connectivity: local or network, printing from portable smart devices.

  • Data: manual or automatic entry, with a computer or smart device.

  • Accessories: how to speed up processes with the help of available accessories.

  • Working environment: resistance to industrial conditions, resistance of label materials.

Portable printer Brady M710


M710 is a portable printer intended primarily for safety identification. For this purpose, it has built-in wizards for creating safety signs for warnings, pipelines, etc., for which it also has an extensive library of symbols. Due to the wide range of materials, it remains a versatile and practical portable printer with a large selection of labels for use in all areas of industry.

In addition to continuous labels, it also offers printing on die-cut labels of various dimensions and a large selection of materials.


  • safety identification,

  • large selection of labels,

  • large colour screen,

  • max label width 50 mm, different lengths, and colours,

  • printing on labels, nameplates, plates, inserts and other types of markings,

  • software compatibility with Brady Workstation,

  • QWERTY keyboard for fast typing,

  • free software for printing.

Ročni tiskalniki
Oznake in tiskalne folije

Warning labels and printing foils

Nexum's offer includes a very wide range of labels for all needs, custom production is also possible. Nexum stands out for its specialized solutions, such as pressure washing resistant labels, labels that prevent unauthorized access, reflective labels, temperature labels, labels that detect moisture, markings for laboratory samples, etc.

Safety labels are usually printed on continuous labels of different colours. There are also dedicated die-cut labels and pre-printed labels for identification of hazardous substances, floor markings, etc.

How to choose the right labels for your needs?

The choice of labels is based on the needs of each user or company or on a one-time application. Choosing the right labels means the best user experience, optimal durability, readability, and cost management.

The selection is based on:

  • Application: environment - resilience, readability, special requirements.

  • Method of application: manually or otherwise, quantity.

  • Label: size, shape, colours.

  • Reading: print quality, contrast, visibility.

  • Colours: multiple colours identification needed.

Pictogram pre-printed labels - safety signs

The most important groups of safety signs in our offer are:

  • prohibition signs,

  • mandatory signs,

  • warning signs.

Brady safety signs

Our safety sign selection includes signage for:

  • signs for biohazard and hazardous materials,

  • signs for electrical safety,

  • signs for first aid,

  • signs for Lockout Tagout,

  • signs for machines and equipment,

  • signs for personal protection (PPE) and much more.

Programska oprema


Software for labels has been generally known for its demanding and complex use. Here, Brady is ahead of the competition as its software is easy to use. Nexum offers user friendly programs available in different languages.

How to choose the best software solution?

It is important to choose the right software. The right software solution simplifies work and many procedures.

The selection is based on:

  • Platform: Windows, MAC, Android, IOS.

  • Production method: in advance or on the spot.

  • Podatki: manual or automated entry.

  • Number of users and labels.

  • Other requirements.

Brady Workstation

A simple modular software for making all types of labels in different languages. The basic free design software is free of charge. You can upgrade it with various extension modules to create labels even easier. Some of offered modules are:

  • pipeline identification,

  • CLP/GHS labels,

  • connection to databases – automated printing,

  • safety identification,

  • LEAN identification,

  • Lockout Tagout identification and procedure making.

Brady Workstation

Other software solutions

Brady Link360

LINK360™ software gives you a complete view of the activities associated with creating, reviewing, and updating visual information.

Brady Safetrak

Safetrak is a software for quick digital inspection of work equipment, especially for the safety at work area.

Visual tagging solutions

Think about any item of equipment on your site:

  • How do you know it is fit for use?

  • When was it last inspected?

  • How do you identify it among the hundreds of similar items on site?

Without the latest information, people are prone to make assumptions. And assumptions can lead to potentially damaging decisions for both them and your business. The identity, maintenance and inspection status of equipment is therefore critical.

What are visual tags?

Visual tags typically comprise of 2 components: holder and insert. Holder is attached to the equipment being tagged. Insert is placed in the holder and is used to record and display the latest equipment status.

Visual tags help:

  • Communicate the latest equipment inspection and test status clearly at the point of use,

  • record and audit trail of recent equipment maintenance, tests, and inspections,

  • uniquely identify equipment,

  • comply with Health and Safety legislation,

  • reduce accidents in the workplace.

Holder and insert work together in looped process:

  1. Attach: The empty holder displays “DON NOT USE…” symbol and is attached to equipment.

  2. Inspect: Equipment is inspected periodically and the results recorded on the insert.

  3. Insert: If the equipment passes inspection, then the insert is placed in the holder, displaying the latest equipment information to any users. If equipment fails inspection at any point, then simply remove the insert from the holder to display the “DO NOT USE…” sign.

Types of visual tags

Forklift tags
Tags for machines
Signs for work at height
Emergency Equipment Markings
Tags for HAVs

Forklift tags:

inspection, maintenance control and identification of forklifts

Tags for machines:

to clearly indicate the date of the next inspection/test

Signs for work at height:

for the prevention of accidents at height and control processes

Emergency Equipment Markings: to clearly indicate the next inspection deadline

Tags for HAVs (Hand Arm Vibration): 

to record exposure to vibration and noise

Tags for electrical equipment
Tags for workspace control
Scafftags for working at height

Tags for electrical equipment:

to clearly indicate the date of the next inspection/test

Tags for workspace control:

for accident prevention and control in confined spaces

Scafftags for working at height:

for a clear indication of safe loading and the deadline for the next inspection

Customise your visual tagging

We can custom design visual tagging solutions to help you manage virtually any issue and fit seamlessly with your business and systems.

We can customize:

  • tag size and shape,

  • data to be displayed/recorded,

  • visual design including logo, colours, and fonts to reflect corporate branding,

  • attachment methods e.g., cable tie, split ring, magnetic, adhesive.

For more information, read the presentation brochure:

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