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Cable insulating tubes (cable sleeves)

We offer different types of standard cable sleeves, insulating, heat shrinkable and braided sleeves in different lengths, packaging, material, and colours.

Rubber cable sleeves

Rubber cable sleeves are very fast and convenient solution for use instead of heat-shrinkable sleeves. Assembly is quick and easy using dedicated pliers. Rubber sleeves strengthen and insulate transitions between cables and cable lugs. They can also be used for identification. Rubber sleeves help protecting from dirt deposits, corrosion, and abrasion.

SES Sterling offers different types of standard sleeves:

  • HELAVIA sleeves in polychloroprene rubber (black and coloured),

  • HELAVIA sleeves in special lengths in polychloroprene rubber (black),

  • SILAVIA sleeves in silicone rubber for high temperatures (natural, transparent, and coloured).

Additionally, we offer tools for easy installation of sleeves (sleeve expanders) and application aids to help you use our sleeves efficiently.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturer SES Sterling.

Raztegljive gumijaste izolacijske cevi
Izolacijske cevi

Insulating sleeving and sleeves

Insulating sleeving is used for the protection and the insulation of electric cables. It is available in different colours with dielectric strength from 20 to 35 kV/mm and in 3 different materials:

  • PVC: this material is available in different colours, has a good resistance to UV rays, ozone, aging and acids. PVC sleeving is specially used for the isolation of electric cables, mechanical protection, and the transport of fluids with low pressure at room temperature (except special aggressive products).

  • TPE: this material looks like rubber and is used for applications that need a good resistance to high and low temperatures. Furthermore, it offers more elasticity and flexibility than PVC.

  • Silicone: specially used for electrical insulation, this halogen free material has a good resistance to high temperatures.

Available types:

  • PLIO-SUPER: PVC for general use

  • PLIO HT LF: PVC for high temperatures

  • PLIO BT LF: PVC for low temperatures

  • PLIO THICK WALLED: extra efficiency because of thick wall

  • PLIO INDUSTRIAL: PVC in long lengths and flexible applications

  • PLIOPRENE TPE: TPE halogen free, for moving applications, for high and low temperatures

  • SILA-SUPER: silicone halogen free, for high temperatures

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturer SES Sterling.

Termoskrčljive cevi

Heat-shrinkable sleeves

Nexum offers heat-shrinkable sleeves from Brady and SES Sterling. Brady focuses on DIY marking with shrinkable sleeves and SES Sterling for general installation and maintenance purpose shrinkable sleeving but can also offer ready-made marking sleeves.

SES Sterling was the first company in Europe producing heat-shrinkable thermoplastic sleeving. Choice of materials depends upon physical properties, economics and aesthetics. The company manufactures two types of heat shrinkable sleeving:

  • PLIO-R series: The PLIO-R heat-shrinkable insulating sleeving is made of plasticized self-extinguishing PVC. It is an economical choice with excellent dielectric properties, ageing and weather resistance. Heat-shrinkable sleeving PLIO "R" is delivered inflated and sealed at both ends so that it cannot shrink while being transported or stored. Storage temperature: max. 18 °C.

  • PLIOFINE series: Heat-shrinkable sleeving PLIOFINE is composed of cross-linked Polyolefin (derivative from polyethylene). Unlike heat-shrinkable sleeving PLIO-R it cannot be melted or welded and has excellent chemical properties. It is cost effective. Dielectric properties, ageing and weather resistance are excellent, and the sleeving needs no special storing conditions as it remains inert up to +50 °C. Halogen free, with a shrinkage ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, with international certificates, with internal adhesive, etc. are available.

Brady offers DIY sleeves for cable and general installations marking. We can provide handheld and desktop industrial printers and a large variety of materials with different physical properties and multiple colours.

Catalogues and brochures

For additional help, see the catalogue or website of manufacturers SES Sterling and Brady.

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