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Identification in industry

Solutions for industrial identification and tracking in industry

Label printers and labels helps to properly mark products, components, materials, equipment, electrical cabinets, cables and more. Printers offer reliable »on-demand« labelling solutions and industry tracking solutions.

Our main partner in the field of industrial identification is Brady Corporation, a leading manufacturer of labels, label printers, software, and other equipment and products for identification. Their high-performance materials clearly identify products, components and other assets, even in the most extreme conditions.

Industrial identification solutions

Identification is increasingly important due to the complexity of the systems, the number of samples and connections, the need for traceability, security, etc. We offer solutions in all areas, especially in industry and electrical engineering.

Industrial identification

Label printers and appropriate labels are key to quickly and permanently mark products, components, materials, equipment, electrical cabinets, cables and much more. Printers and software offer reliable identification solutions.

Identification in electrical engineering

Our set of safety signs includes labels for biohazard and hazardous substances, electrical safety, first aid, lockout tagout, for machinery and equipment, for personal safety and much more.

Safety identification

Quality identification in logistics and warehouses makes a major contribution to efficiency and safety at work. We offer customized integrated identification solutions in warehouses and logistics.

Identification in warehouses and logistics

For labelling in telecommunications, it is especially important that labels are durable, easy to read and convenient to use. Our offer consists of printers and flexible and durable labels for identification in telecommunications.

Identification in telecommunications

We offer solutions for laboratory identification, which are in accordance with the legislation and regulations in the field of work in laboratories and with working with human tissues and cells.

Identification in laboratories

Are you searching for the right partner for industrial identification solutions?

Nexum is a reliable partner that advices business partners on choosing the appropriate industrial identification solutions.

Nexum works directly with Brady. In cooperation with their experts with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of top-quality industrial identification solutions, we offer you technical assistance and answers to all your technical questions.

Why choose Nexum for your partner?

  • Because we offer a great offer of industrial identification solutions in one place.

  • Because we completely adapt to the customer and treat each customer individually.

  • Because we are responsive and flexible.

  • Because we offer our permanent partners counselling and fast delivery from stock, and we offer safety stock for multiple consumption.

  • Because you get top-quality products for identification in the industry in one place at competitive prices.

Our offer includes:



Professional counselling and help with choosing products for industrial identification.



Submission of documentation, certificates and specifications of products.

Stock supply.jpg


Safety stock for our permanent partners and fast delivery of larger quantities.



After-sales services, support, arrangement of replacement within warranty period.

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