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Safety at work

Safety solutions for a safer work environment

Effective safety solutions save lives, time and costs by reducing the number of work accidents, production downtime and increasing efficiency in inspections and maintenance work. They help create and maintain a safer work environment and help achieve safety and other standards.

Safety labels are important visual aids for communicating warnings and other safety information. In addition to various safety labels, we offer customized Lockout Tagout solutions and the equipment that best suits your needs. We also offer procedures planning, help with implementation and if necessary, train employees.

Solutions for safety at work

Our set of safety signs contains markings for: hazardous substances, electrical safety, first aid, Lockout Tagout, machine safety, safe conditions and other.

Safety identification

Lockout Tagout is a process that effectively prevents unwanted releases of hazardous energies during maintenance, start-ups, stops, cleaning, control and other interventions in work equipment and electrical and mechanical installations.

Lockout Tagout

Entries into confined spaces are one of the most dangerous situations in the area of safety at work. At Nexum, we offer training services, preparation of documentation and instructions, and the supply of appropriate equipment for the safety in confined spaces.

Confined spaces

The risks of spilled liquids are effectively reduced by using absorbents, liquid retainers, granular absorbents, chemical absorbents and other solutions.

Absorbents and spill control products

Suitable lighting solutions can increase prevention of specific incidents, such as those occuring on routes with movement of vehicles and pedestrians, increasing the visibility of signals and safe ways.

Solutions for safety lighting

Are you searching for the right partner for safety solutions in work environment?

Nexum is a reliable partner that provides business with everything they need to plan, implement and maintain safety solutions.

Experts with a total of more than 30 years of experience are available to assist you at all stages of implementing occupational safety solutions.

Why choose Nexum for your partner?

  • Because we have a lot of experience in implementing safety solutions at work.

  • Because we completely adapt to the customer and treat each customer individually.

  • Because we are responsive and flexible.

  • Because we do our work on time.

  • Because you get everything you need in one place and at competitive prices.

Our offer includes:



Free starting professional counselling and help with choosing the right equipment.



Preparation of custom made technical documentation for each client separately.



Implementation of user and trainer training tailored to the client.



Further professional support to the client even after the implementation of solutions.

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