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Fully automated in-line cable identification in cable & wire processing

Brady Wraptor A6500 in-line with Schleuniger and Komax cable cut and strip equipment

Mar. 10, 2022

Automated labelling is an increasingly important part of the processes in the production of products. It significantly contributes to the smooth operation of the organization, traceability, and brand awareness.

As an industrial labelling specialist, Brady offers wire label applicators from Wraptor family, including the Wraptor A6500 mentioned in this article. Based on the data received from databases, networks, or memory modules, Wraptor applicators print and apply (wrap) labels on wires. The work is thus done faster, without errors and human presence. This advanced technology contributes to:

  • increased productivity – halve labelling time,

  • reduction of errors – durable and consistent identification without corrections,

  • quick implementation of changes – intuitive colour touch screen and user interface make it easy to change settings,

  • reduction of labour costs – automation of additional part of the process.

Due to automatic printing and application of labels, the Brady Wraptor A6500 is an excellent tool for lowering production costs and increasing the quality of identification. Labels do not need to be pre-printed or applied by hand. Wraptor technology allows a print resolution of 300 dpi and wrapping labels even around thin wires. For identification, it uses top Brady labels from self-extinguishing, UV and oil resistant vinyl, polyamides, and so-called nylon cloths, which ensure long-term durability and readability even in difficult industrial and other demanding environments.


  • Increases production output by printing and applying a wrap-around cable label in 5 seconds. That is up to 12 times as fast as hand applying after printing.

  • Works smoothly and is easy to operate with a highly responsive full colour touch screen interface.

  • Labels a wide range of cables from 1,52 mm to 15,24 mm diameter.

  • Integrates quickly in production environments through a variety of connection options (USB, Ethernet).

  • Print jobs can be created on a computer using Brady Workstation label design apps. These apps optimise wire identification labels with variable, serialised, multi-legend, barcode, and graphical information.

  • Users can also create and save designed labels on Wraptor. That way, the use of Wraptor is also possible without connection with computer.

  • Wraptor A6500 can receive label data to print from a wide range of company ERP-systems in a highly automated setup.

  • Prints high quality logos and other graphic symbols, bar codes, dates, time, and serial numbers for each wire individually.

  • Eliminates the need to print labels in advance with Zero-Queue printing. Little or no label waste compared to batch jobs where extra labels are thrown away.

  • Full integration with Schleuniger and Komax’s wire stripping equipment.

The use of Wraptor A6500 is highly recommended for applications that are too demanding and/or very time consuming for manual work. A typical example are thin wires that are difficult to mark by hand and bubbles and wrinkles often occur when applying labels. Wraptor with its precise mechanism does such work quickly and reliably. The mechanism for applying labels is completely electro-mechanical. This means that Wraptor does not need a compressed air supply to operate. The first advantage of that kind of mechanism is flexibility – it only needs a normal power supply to operate, which is available practically everywhere. A big advantage is also much quieter operation than typical wire processing equipment. Cable assembly is usually done in combination with manual work, so a quieter environment is always an advantage for everyone present.

Integration of Brady printer and applicator Wraptor A6500 with Schleuniger wire assembly systems

Wire and cable assembly can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process that can be automated. Brady and Schleuniger have combined their expertise in hope to improve productivity and develop software and mechanical solutions to integrate the Wraptor A6500 into an in-line system for assembling and labelling wires and cables. The system consists of Schleuniger’s latest insulation cutting and stripping machines in conjunction with the Wraptor A6500. The entire system is managed by Cayman software. Past jobs are systematically stored in one of the devices. This allows advanced parameterization, traceability, and quality control.

With the idea that companies that assembly wires can have many different needs, they have also developed a dedicated stand with wheels in addition to software modules. This allows the Wraptor to move quickly to different locations within the company, where it can operate in conjunction with different systems or be used as a stand-alone unit for identification. The Wraptor A6500 is compatible with the following Schleuniger cable assembly machines: EcoStrip 9380, MultiStrip 9480.

Integration of Brady printer and applicator Wraptor A6500 with Komax wire assembly systems

Brady’s Wraptor A6500 can also be integrated into Komax wire assembly systems. Here, too, integration enables increased workflow speed, increased accuracy, application quality and system cost-effectiveness. The Wraptor A6500 is compatible with the following Komax wire assembly machines: Kappa 310, Kappa 315, Kappa 320, Kappa 330, Kappa 331, Kappa 340, and Kappa 350.

Nowadays, an automated workflow is essential for a market. The importance and advantages of automation are reflected in higher cost efficiency, quality of execution, reduced impact of the human factor on product quality, increased safety and productivity, better control, and optimization of processes.

With the help of its partners, Brady allows devices to be tested before purchase, so that the customer can be convinced before the investment about reliability and effectiveness of identification solution with Wraptor applicators with or without other systems.

To find out more about automated identification solutions contact our specialist or visit our webpage.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

T: +386 40 755 559


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