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Power electronics solutions: AC/DC power supplies

In the automated production process power supply is the basic component that requires stability and safety protection functions. Choosing the right power supply can be critical difference between a device working at optimum levels and one that may deliver inconsistent results. Our AC/DC power supply portfolio covers a wide range of mechanical formats including DIN rail, panel mount, and open frame.

How to choose the right industrial AC/DC power supply?


Type of mounting

Depending on the mounting method, a choice can be made between industrial AC/DC power supplies for DIN rail, panel mount and open frame power supply.

Type of housing

Housing type

Make sure if plastic or high-quality corrosion-resistant ALU housing is required.

Available space

Available space

Depending on the available space, we check which dimension of industrial AC/DC power supply is suitable and make sure that the chosen one is not too big.


Output power

It is recommended that the output power of the industrial AC/DC power supply is at least 30 % higher than the maximum total power of all power consumers. This ensures reliable operation of the power supply system.



Proper cooling of the industrial AC/DC power supply is required, as its output power decreases as the temperature rises.


Equipment with CE, UL SIQ, CSA markings

Check whether the selected industrial AC/DC power supply is equipped with markings CE, UL, SIQ, CSA – depending on the country to which we export our products, and check the documentation proving compliance with international directives.

Security standards

Safety standards

It is necessary to check which security standards are required by the user application. Check if the documentation for the industrial AC/DC power supply, which proves compliance, is available.

Complete selection of AC/DC power supplies

To provide optimal solutions to our costumers, we work with various manufactureres  who are our direct partners: Delta Electronics, ABB (GE) and CUI. They are all leaders in the design and experience in the field of industrial power supplies. If needed, we can provide power supplies from drifferent manufacturers like EOS Power, Mean Well Mornsun, Enercon and MPL. Contact us for assistance or presentation. We will be happy to respond and give you professional advice.

Catalogues and brochures:

Panel mount AC/DC power supply

You can choose between many series of panel mount power supplies from manufacturer Delta Electronics. Our power supplies comply with international safety standards, are reliable and of high quality, as they have a built-in circuit for overvoltage protection, current protection, short-circuit protection and overheating protection.

Open frame AC/DC power supply

We offer a wide selection of open frame AC/DC power supplies manufactured by Delta Electronics and others. Open frame power supplies are ideal for environments with higher temperatures without harmful environmental influences. We also offer open frame power supplies with additional protection provided by special coatings that protect components from dust, pollution, and moisture.


All power supplies from DIN rail product list come in various materials and features like full aluminium body (CliQ) and Advanced Power Boost (CliQ M) for demanding applications.

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