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BradyPrinter i5300 industrial label printer

Experience easy. No setup. No adjustments. No waste.

Nov. 04, 2021

Set up, switch out and print faster than you ever imagined with the BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer. It is precise, auto-calibrating and intuitive to use, meaning you can quickly adapt it for different applications as needed; including electronics ID, wire/panel ID labelling, safety identification or facility labelling.

The solid metal frame construction lets this printer handle both high volume label jobs and low production runs alike with ease while its small printing width of 5.08 mm ensures that your barcodes are easy to read without being overwhelming on the product itself.

Features & benefits:

  • No waste: prints on the very first label to maximise material use (and cut costs).

  • Fast setup: 20-second material changeovers with no calibration, sensor or print setting adjustments.

  • Precision printing: either 300 or 600 dpi models align and print on labels as small as 5.08 mm.

  • Saves time: prints fast, and pauses, resumes and stores jobs in a write-protected list.

  • Prints thousands of label types: options for both stock and custom parts.

  • Rugged design: solid construction with metal framing and gearing for higher throughput and workhorse durability.

  • 5.08 mm to 105.66 mm label widths: prints small labels for electronics and laboratories, and also larger labels up to 105.66 mm wide.

  • Double-side wire sleeve printing: external feed slot and print app enable 2-pass printing for double-side heat-shrink sleeves.

  • Big 17.78 cm colour touchscreen: communicates installed part numbers, remaining supply, status, in-job navigation, and label preview.

  • Smart media rolls: PrintSmart technology pre-optimises speed, heat, size, and ribbon/materials settings for all B30/B33 series media.

  • Built-in auto cutter: cuts off material after s job, after a label, or not at all.

  • Media guides with integrated sensors: sensors automatically align precisely when guides squeeze together, which means there's no adjustments, and no alignment trial and error.

To find out more about BradyPrinter i5300 please contact our product specialist. If you want to learn more about industrial label printers in our offer, click here.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

T: +386 40 755 559


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