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DCX clips for impact mounting

Conduit installation has never been easier. Save valuable time installing conduits on plaster or wooden panels with DCX mounting clips.

Jun. 20, 2024

DCX mounting clips are made of galvanized steel and are an excellent solution for fixation of pliable and rigid conduits. They are used for fixing on plasterboard and wooden chipboards. They are suitable for conduits with diameters ranging from 16 to 40 mm.

Conduits fixing clips are key components in organizing and protecting electrical installations. They provide secure and stable fixing of conduits, preventing movement and reducing wear and the risk of damage.

Why use DCX mounting clips instead of regular ones?

Simply put, because they save you time! Unlike regular clips used for fixing conduits, with DCX mounting clips, drilling and screwing are not required. They are designed to allow easy fixation with a hammer. They ensure reliable fixing without damaging the outer surface of the wall.

Variants of DCX Mounting Clips

DCX 16 (106 081) – for conduits with a diameter of 16 mm

DCX 20 (106 082) – for conduits with a diameter of 20 mm

DCX 25 (106 083) – for conduits with a diameter of 25 mm

DCX 40 (106 084) – for conduits with a diameter of 40 mm


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