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PCB relays

PCB relays for efficient solution for frequent on and off circuits

Our offer includes wholesale of quality and reliable EMR and solid state (SSR) relays for PCB, with the possibility of DIN rail mounting and Panel Mount.


We offer quality EMR relays, which are intended primarily for use in the serial production of electronic assemblies. In our assortment you will find electromagnetic relays from the manufacturers NF Forward and Churod.


Solid State relays enable the control of high-current AC loads from the DC control side. Our main partners for Solid State relays and MOS optical relays are the internationally recognized manufacturers i-Autoc (Xiamen Kudom) and Bright TOWARD (Taiwan).

PCB relay solutions

We offer relays for general use, for use in the automotive industry and relays for signal applications. The relays are manufactured to high quality standards and meet the specific requirements of use in various applications.

EMR relays

Solid State relays are semiconductor devices without moving parts. They are suitable for applications that require long-term reliability with very frequent switching. You can choose from a variety of types and features.

SSR relays

Are you searching for the right partner for PCB relays?

Nexum is a reliable partner that advices business partners on choosing the appropriate PCB relays for applications in industry, automation, design and manufacture of electrical appliances, e-mobility, smart installations, medicine, transport, aviation and military industry and in the education and research field.

Nexum works directly with relays manufacturers NF Forward, Churod, i-Autoc (Xiamen Kudom) and Bright TOWARD. In cooperation with their experts with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of top-quality relays, we offer you technical assistance and answers to all your technical questions regarding the use of our products.

Why choose Nexum for your partner?

  • Because you get a great range of PCB relays for serial production in one place.

  • Because we completely adapt to the customer and treat each customer individually.

  • Because we are responsive and flexible.

  • Because we offer our permanent partners counselling and fast delivery from stock, and we offer safety stock for multiple offtakes.

  • Because you get high quality PCB relays in one place at competitive prices and comparisons of these products with other manufacturers.

Our offer includes:



Professional counselling and help with choosing the right PCB relays from our offer.



Submission of the necessary documentation of certificates and specifications of PCB relays.

Hitra dobava


Safety stock for our permanent partners and delivery on agreed times.



After-sales services, support, arrangement of replacement within the warranty period.

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