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RF interconnect

Highly efficient and comprehensive RF components

Most of the wireless networking technologies that we are familiar with, such as Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, use a relatively narrow range of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum— this range is termed ‘RadioFrequency’ or simply RF. Today, a random reference to RF is more likely to mean “wirelessly” since so many more devices communicate wirelessly now. Radio frequency (RF) signals can be transmitted wirelessly and over an RF cable. Coaxial cables are specially shielded to efficiently carry radio signals and are used for everything from Wi-Fi to Cable TV. Because of the way they are constructed, coaxial cables require special connectors that maintain the shielding from cable to board, and these connectors come in a variety of forms. Selection of an RF connector and cable depends on the specifications like frequency range, performance, size, and shape of each connector types.


​In our product portfolio you can find different RF cables and assemblies, connectors, and all other components. Our partner Samtec, located in North America and recognized worldwide, provide excellent product quality, competitive pricing, and fast delivery.

RF interconnect

RF connectors (Samtec)

Our portfolio of RF products includes High-Performance Precision RF connectors, components and RF cable assemblies, Micro High Frequency U.FL and W.FL, High-Performance Test Systems, and 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm cable assemblies, connectors and components.

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