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Advanced solutions for safety lighting

For improved safety and prevention of accidents in the workplace

Jun. 04, 2021

In the workplace, lighting is a significant factor not only in determining comfortable and more productive working conditions, but also in improving safety and prevention of accidents. Correct lighting in a work environment can, for example, encourage the detection of risks, increase the attention and reaction capacity of the operators, and reduce the possibility of making mistakes.

Suitable lighting solutions can increase prevention of specific incidents, such as those occurring on routes with movement of vehicles and pedestrians, increasing the visibility of signals and safe ways.

In addition, suitable light beams can also be installed on lifting equipment such as overhead cranes, making workers more sensible in dangerous areas.

Nexum offers products for safety lighting from manufacturer Progtech. This is a company specialized in the design and production of LED lighting equipment. The know-how of their technical office and the highly experienced planning team enable Progtech to design and produce customized LED solutions for safety lighting. Safety lighting is increasing every year, especially in big international companies but also in medium and small ones.

Progtech lights, through the low energy consumption projection on the floor of lines and symbols, avoid the use of toxic paints on the floor, the continuous repainting, and the consequent waste of material where necessary.

Safety lighting for different applications

We offer customized LED solutions for safety lighting for different applications:

  • Industrial LED projectors to ensure the safety lighting on forklifts. This lamp, applied on forklift, emits a blue or red-light beam at several meters that allows workers to notice the arrival of the vehicle.

  • Industrial LED lamps designed for safety lighting of industrial cranes, ideal to increase the safety of the crane operator and general workers in the surrounding areas.

  • LED projectors to create walkways and handling or escape routes. Projected beams are always well visible without risk of deterioration and being covered by dirt.

  • LED projectors that project safety signs on the floor to ensure the safety of employees in work environments through an endless range of applications that can be achieved thanks to special lens systems that projects special shapes on the floor in green, red, and blue colour variants.

  • Industrial LED reflectors suitable for high temperatures dusty areas and wherever discharge or halogen lighting sources are to be replaced. This reflector is rated in the protection class IP65 and it is available in neutral white (4.000K), or cold white (5.000K).

  • Special lighting – Storm Tower Projectors line is ideal product for mounting on lighting towers in highly exposed environments such as seaports, airports, oil & gas companies, external areas of general industry companies, soccer fields, ski slopes.

For more information about solutions and products for safety lighting, please contact our specialist. To find out more about our other solutions for safety at work click here.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

T: +386 40 755 559


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