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Braided shielding solutions – expandable sleeving

For arranged installations and protection of wires, cables and pipes

May 29, 2020

The use of braided sleeves (protective braids) is on a large scale due to the development of materials, practicality and the diversity of applications that other solutions do not have.

Braided protective sleeves are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications. They are mainly used for arranging installation, mechanical protection, EMC protection, fire protection, temperature protection, electrical insulation and special industrial purposes. They offer exceptional flexibility, easy installation and are available in different dimensions and colors.

Braided sleeves are made of different materials: artificial mass, metal, special technical materials that provide special features... The method of making braided sleeves varies according to the density of weaving. Thicker weaving provides better protection than thinner but is less flexible. Threads used in weaving can be of different thicknesses. Thicker ones are usually used for the purpose of greater wear resistance. The level of coverage depends on the density of weaving and the stretching of the braided sleeve lengthwise. For cutting braided sleeves, it is recommended to cut with hot thread as this reduces the possibility of cutting the cable. There are also special series that are minimally ripped when cut with ordinary scissors. Braided sleeves are resistant to low and high temperatures, and special performances can also bear over 1000 °C. In addition to high temperature resistance, they are distinguished by good wear resistance and other external influences. They can be used in very demanding applications on external machines, where there is a lot of movement and rubbing, can withstand contact with aggressive chemicals, they can also be UV and fire resistant.

Types of protective braids

  • Expandable braided sleeves made of artificial materials: expandable braided sleeves made of artificial materials are the most used protective braids. PET tubes without halogens are used for arranging installations with a normal level of protection, they are self-deflating and affordable. The expandable braided sleeves are quickly installed, due to their ability to spread they can be mounted on pre-assembled cables and pipes, without pull tools they can be placed over installations up to 25 m long, they can adapt to different shapes, are thin and light, do not retain dirt, and they are available in 30 different colors.

  • Wrapping braided sleeves (split protective braids) made of artificial materials: wrapping braided sleeves made of artificial materials have all the advantages of expandable braided sleeves with the difference, that they are open and thus allow installation on pre-existing installations and on pre-assembled installations with large connectors. They can be installed with tools, they can also have sticky straps, glue or even buttons. They are available in different materials for different applications.

  • Metal protective braids: the main characteristics that separate metal expandable protective braids from protective braids made of artificial materials are their conductivity, in some cases better mechanical protection, temperature resistance and weight. They are available in the following materials: tinned copper, silver plated copper, copper without coating, coated brass and stainless steel.

The advantages of braided protective sleeves are numerous, from exceptional flexibility, easy installation, to high temperature resistance and resistance to other external influences. Different materials and ways of making protective braids allow them to be used in a wide variety of applications.

You can read more information about our offer of flexible protective tubes here. Experienced consultants will be happy to help you choose the optimal solution for your needs. Contact our specialist for assistance.


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