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Effective lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures save lives, time and money by reducing workplace accidents, limiting downtime, and increasing the efficiency of inspection and maintenance procedures. Effective LOTO procedures can also dramatically increase your company’s productivity by making lockout activities more efficient.



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Why lockout & tagout system?

Lockout/tagout (LOTO) is the process of preventing the flow of energy from a power source to a piece of equipment and in doing so, prevent it from operating. This is to protect workers involved in the maintenance and servicing of equipment from the dangerous effects of hazardous energy.


LOTO system saves people and equipment during maintenance, cleaning and repair works.


LOTO system complies with EU legal requirements:

  • The EU Guidelines 89/655 specify the minimum requirements concerning safety and health while using equipment. Paragraph 2.14 lays down that “every piece of equipment must be fitted with clearly visible devices with which it can be separated from every energy source.

  • EN 1037 norm related to the equipment’s safety defines the measures regarding the energy isolation of machinery and the power dissipation to prevent hazardous equipment re-energising. It assures a safe and secure intervention within a risk-prone area.

  • European directive CEE 89/655 outlines the minimum regulations for the safety and protection of employees when servicing industrial equipment.



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Why choose Nexum as lockout tagout

solution partner?

Nexum d.o.o. is reliable partner, offering all you need for planning, implementing, managing and maintaining your lockout tagout system.


Our offer includes complete range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications:

  • complete selection of equipment for perfect performance of lockout tagout system:

    • safety padlocks (different shackle sizes, materials and colours, engraving possible)

    • valve lockouts, electrical switch lockouts, fuse lockouts and other

    • warning tags in user's language, completely tailored according to customers' needs

    • lockout pouches, bags, stations and boards

    • tags and identification systems

    • software

  • FREE OF CHARGE beginning expert consultancy and help with choosing the right equipment at user's location

  • expert consultancy and trainings for users (upon request)

  • after sales services (additional purchase of padlocks tailored to customers' system and other equipment, solving new challenges when customer premises change)



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