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Connectabox™ - an effective solution for wiring and protection of installations in harsh environment

Fast and simple wiring that is both safe and pleasing to the eye

Aug. 03, 2021

Flexible conduit systems manufacturer, Atkore Flexicon has launched Connectabox™, a weatherproof, IP68/IP69 circular connection box. It provides a faster and simpler way to interconnect circuits and wiring assemblies, while offering superior cable protection for external environments.

Connectabox™ has been designed to protect safety and performance-critical cabling and simplify cable management. The 110 mm, round junction box offers a wide range of features to make installation simpler and faster.

In contrast to conventional closures, which utilise knockouts or require drilling, Connectabox™ features four easy-to-connect entry points as standard. These provide quick access and termination for different sizes and types of flexible conduit, from 16 mm up to 34 mm.

Significant time savings on the job are realised with the intelligent push, twist and lock connector system with integral seals. Contractors can make a reliable connections in seconds, without having to remove knockouts, drill holes, fit locknuts or even torque tighten any components.

Innovative design of Connectabox™

Atkore Flexicon’s design engineers have incorporated many innovations to increase the available wiring space inside the connection box. The cleverly designed two-part lid is also available with an extended lid version, for applications requiring even more internal wiring space or where more box depth is required.

The push-fit connection to the box is universal, thus installers can match the fitting with the desired size of conduit necessary for any outlet. If in the future the wiring installation needs to change, to extend circuits or add cables, this can be done with ease, thus futureproofing the installation.

Connectabox™ is compatible with a range of accessories, including internal mounting plates, and is suitable for use with DIN rails allowing terminal blocks and components to be configured neatly and quickly.

The lid can be tethered to the base using a lanyard, making it ideal when working at height as there are less components to hold during installation. The screw lid is secured without the need for any tools and is tightened by rotating. A securing clip offers anti-vibration performance ensuring enclosure integrity is maintained wherever the box is mounted. Access can be further restricted using a tamper proof seal if necessary.

The non-metallic IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69 box is manufactured in modified Nylon PA6 glass reinforced material, offering high impact strength with superior levels of ingress protection without the need for gels or additional seals. It is UV resistant and ideal for external use.

Connectabox™ offers a truly weatherproof solution that is lighter weight than conventional metallic enclosures, with no risk of corrosion or degradation due to exposure to water or liquids. The material construction also offers low fire hazard properties, making it suitable for environments where public safety is paramount, including EN 45545 HL3 rail fire safety compliance.

For external applications or environments which are exposed to harsh conditions, Connectabox™ offers a reliable, fast and practical solution where routine maintenance may be more difficult. This is especially the case if the box is mounted at height or in a remote location, and where the reduction in downtime is critical, such as in the rail, telecommunications, water treatment and renewables industries.

Features of Connectabox™ (Nylon weatherproof round box):

  • Fast fit – 4 easy-to-connect entry points as standard.

  • Suitable for use with Connectabox™ Ultra fittings.

  • No tools required.

  • 3 faces can be drilled to accept cable glands, rigid conduit and flexible conduit.

  • Anti tamper and vibration performance.

  • UV resistant up to 13.000 ur – suitable for outdoors.

  • Lid lanyard keeps base and lid together.

  • 4 fixing position.

  • Temperature performance: -40 °C to +120 °C.

  • Typical applications: machinery and Automation, Rail, Renewables, Utilities.

  • IP rating: IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69.

  • Extra low fire hazard.

  • Halogen, Sulphur & Phosphorous free.

Features of Connectabox™ Fittings:

  • No tools required.

  • Temperature performance: -50 °C to +135 °C.

  • IP rating: IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69.

  • Extra low fire hazard.

  • Halogen, Sulphur & Phosphorous free.

If you want to learn more about Connectabox™ from Atkore Flexicon, please contact our specialist. To find out more about cable management solutions in our offer, click here.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

T: +386 40 755 559


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