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Did you know that fire safety of electrical devices starts with PCB terminals?

Glow-wire flammability test

May 27, 2022

Fire safety in the automation industry has always been a subject of great concern. Under the automatic operation of electrical appliances, sometimes there is a current overload or short circuit. The conductive metal parts of the terminal block or the connected conductors will be abnormally hot. At this time, if the shell material of the terminal block does not pass the safety test, it may be due to high heat. And produce flammable substances, which in turn lead to fire accidents.

To test the high-temperature stability of terminal blocks in electrical products during automatic operation, it will need to conduct a glow-wire flammability test.

Glow wire testing is an example of the indirect flame method. Test results from applying these methods provide a way to compare the materials’ tendency to resist ignition, self-extinguish flames (should ignition occur), and ability to not spread or propagate fire via dripping.

IEC established the glow wire testing method in 2001 because existing test methods did not cover all ignition sources. Specifically, the glow wire test is used to simulate heating effects that may arise in malfunctioning electrical equipment caused by an overload connection or component that is overheating.

Conditions to be met for PCB terminal blocks to pass the glow-wire flammability test:

  1. When no flame or glowing process occurs during the test.

  2. When the flame or glowing process is extinguished within 30 seconds of removal of the glow wire.

  3. When the tracing paper under the glow wire does not ignite due to dripping of any burning substance.

In Nexum, we are committed in providing a rage od products to help appliance customers meet the flammability requirements of IEC 60335-1. We offer PCB terminal blocks that adopts PA66 insulating plastic material as the housing, which reaches the highest level of flame retardant standard UL94 V-0.

Our suppliers of PCB terminal blocks pursue every aspect of control to provide you with the highest quality standards. Committed to ensuring the safe use of terminal block products, it can help customers improve the efficiency of innovative product development and make your final product quality lead the pack, and this is the driving force behind our adherence to excellence.

Contact us if you want to learn more about PCB terminal blocks in our offer. Our product specialist will find the best solution for your application. For more information about PCB terminal blocks and connectors in the field of industrial automation click here.


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