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Inovative solution for safe work – safety lighting

The use of safety lighting for increased visibility and safety in the workplace

May 14, 2024

In work environments, ensuring safety and health is crucial. In industrial plants, warehouses, and other work environments, poorly marked hazards and safe paths are often encountered, which can pose a serious risk to safety and work efficiency. Safety lighting offers excellent marking solutions even in tough conditions.

Function, operation and types of safety lighting

Safety lighting is designed to label exits, evacuation routes, safe paths, hazardous areas, equipment, and other important safety elements in industrial environments. Projected signs and beams can be continuously illuminated or activated upon specific events.

There are several types of safety lighting markings to label various safety elements, among the most common are:

  • Exit and evacuation route marking: for marking exits, evacuation routes, and emergency facilities in case of emergencies. They enable employees to quickly find their way to a safe area in the event of a fire, explosion, or other hazard.

  • Marking hazardous areas: safety lighting alerts employees to the presence of danger and remind them of the necessary safety measures.

  • Marking equipment and machinery: in industrial environments safety lighting is often used to label various devices, machines, and equipment that pose a risk of injury or accidents. The lights can alert to operating machinery, hazardous equipment components, or necessary safety procedures when working with such equipment.

Advantages of safety lighting compared to physical signs

Safety lighting represents an advanced solution for safety marking, offering numerous advantages compared to traditional physical signs. Their use enables quick recognition of exits, evacuation routes, and other key safety elements even in low-light conditions.

Why choose safety lights over labels?

  • Durability: light signs are more durable and resistant to damage and wear than coloured tapes and stickers. Due to their construction and the use of lighting technology, they are more suitable for long-term use in demanding industrial environments.

  • Maintenance: maintaining light projectors is typically less demanding as it does not require much time or special equipment, allowing for easy and efficient maintenance in industrial environments.

  • Changes and adaptations: light safety signs are more flexible and adaptable to changing conditions or requirements in the environment. Changing the colour, pattern, or location of light signs is easy and does not require much time or cost, allowing for quick adaptation to changing needs or circumstances.

Progtech solutions for safety lighting

Nexum offers safety lighting products from Progtech, a manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing LED lighting equipment. Their lights are designed to project beams and signs onto the floor, avoiding the need for constant painting and label application.

Progtech's products:

  • safety lighting for cranes,

  • LED projectors to create walkways,

  • LED projectors for safety signs,

  • LED reflectors for high temperatures and dusty areas,

  • LED projectors for safety lighting on vehicles,

  • special lighting for lighting towers in highly exposed environments.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

T: +386 40 755 559


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