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Solutions for intelligent manufacturing – miniature PCB terminal blocks

Compact but with more connections

Jul. 22, 2021

Intelligent manufacturing is what industries are transitioning to as we head into the future. Intelligent manufacturing (also known as smart manufacturing) is a broad concept of manufacturing with the purpose of optimizing production and product transactions by making full use of advanced information and manufacturing technologies. It is regarded as a new manufacturing model based on intelligent science and technology that greatly upgrades the design, production, management, and integration of the whole life cycle of a typical product.

Various researchers in manufacturing system have investigated that there are many industries which are intending to upgrade their industries with smart manufacturing systems. The challenging factor for a smart manufacturing system is being the issues with compatibility of their existing machines and systems with the new technology.

To streamline the digital transformation of automation control equipment, compact design will be inevitable. How to meet the high-density connection of servo drives, controllers, and monitoring devices with a compact application is always a challenge as technology evolves. The PCB terminal blocks manufacturer Dinkle has found a perfect solution for these challenges.

Dinkle’s 0159 and 0156 PCB terminal block series

Dinkle is one of the leading companies who are supplying miniature PCB terminal blocks. Dinkle’s 0159 and 0156 series have a small size, compact connection, easy wiring, and high-standard safety certification. 0159 and 0156 double level pluggable PCB terminal block series are available from 4-40 positions and are perfect for industrial applications. They feature a Push-In-Design (PID) technology and can be easily connected to sockets with either a screw flange, lock flange, or a release tool. You will find this design to be efficient and ideal for wiring in confined spaces.

Advantages of 0159 and 0156 PCB terminal blocks series:

  • Double level design: slightly higher structure creates double-layer wiring density, which can be up to 40 connections. A double level design saves a lot of space on the PCB while reducing production costs.

  • The newly push-in design: advanced push-in design allows direct insertion of solid wire, dramatically reducing wiring time by approximately 60 %.

  • Fool-proof design: avoid irreversible damage to circuits and equipment due to incorrect mating.

  • High standard safety certification: Dinkle’s 0159 and 0156 series are compliant with UL and VDE approval. The high temperature material is also available for reflow soldering process.

For more information on PCB terminals and connectors from Dinkle, contact our specialist. To learn more about PCB terminals and connectors, click here.


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