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To our partners we offer extensive range of PCB mount components for a variety of applications. You can choose from different PCB signal, power and data connectors, PCB signal and power terminals, high speed cables and connectors, active and passive optics solutions, RF solutions, WI-FI modules for IoT, different PCB labeling solutions and ESD tools. 

To be able to offer solutions for different applications and needs of our customers we cooperate with different partners in the field of PCB connectivity.

High Speed Connectors

When designing applications that utilize high-speed interconnects, it’s vital to navigate around all potential speed bumps along the signals path. Factors such as stack ups, tolerances, via design, trace widths, plating and copper etching will have to be understood and mastered to achieve an optimal signal path. Any design checklist should also include the connector with matching cable.

Samtec, our main supplier for high speed components, is commited to providing exceptional service, quality products, innovative technologies and convenient design tools. They offer a wide range of high speed board to board.

Catalogues and leaflets:

Samtec High Speed Connector Catalogue

High Speed Connectors

Samtec offers the largest variety of board-to-board connectors in the industry. Popular applications include high speed mezzanine and high density array systems, high speed edge card and backplane systems, and micro pitch board stacking systems down to 0.40 mm pitch and 1 mm stack height. Micro rugged products feature Samtec’s Tiger Eye™ contact system on a variety of pitches, as well as high power strips and signal/power combination connectors to 60A/blade. Standard board-to-board header and socket systems are available in a variety of pitch, density, stack height and orientation.

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