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Advanced series of PCB connectors is born for the future of industrial automation

More space for better wiring

Dec. 02, 2021

The global AI in manufacturing market has assembled pace in its development with rapidly developing industrial automation and IoT. AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies within the recent years. Incorporation of AI in manufacturing industry delivers safer operational environment, which further supports in enhancing the standard and quantity of the assembly. AI supports in automating the manufacturing industry and leads to reaching a high level of accuracy and productivity level that’s even beyond human ability. The global artificial intelligence in manufacturing market is expected to grow by 2025 at a CAGR of 53,55 %.

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry uses digital technology to strengthen, automate, and modernize the entire manufacturing process, thereby improving manufacturing performance indicators. In the global Covid-19 epidemic, most companies have implemented Industry 4.0 to reduce their dependence on manpower and reduce the risk of business continuity; thus accelerating the speed of industrial transformation in the future.

Industry 4.0 equipment needs to carry more electronic components to complete automation and information integration. Therefore, the configurable space of PCB components is also shrinking. Therefore, there is a need for higher density, high efficiency, and high reliability of PCB components.

Dinkle’s 0191 series is a solution for Industry 4.0 PCB components, used for signal transmission and suitable for variable frequency drive applications. In meeting the minimal PCB configuration space, the following functions are also realized.

The advantages of Dinkle 0191 series:

  • Slim mating for space saving: the solder pin base design less than 3 mm width provides a stable connection and more space for the PCB board.

  • Protection cover: dust-proof and touch-free with a protection cover, and it is easy to unplug in a small space.

  • 45° Push-in design: maximize the available space and comfortably wiring, save 60 % of wiring time and can connect wires up to 1,5 mm².

  • Twin connection design: the Dinkle’s 0191 series have 3,5 mm and 5,0 mm specifications, of which 3,5 mm offers twin connection specifications, within the same space.

  • Reflow soldering: support reflow soldering process, reduce assembly cost.

  • Tape & reel: it can be customized, realize the automatic deployment of PCB components, save costs, and meet the company’s automated production needs.

  • Modularized design: flexible configuration combination.

  • Customized colours: it can be customized to any module’s colour for easy identification.

  • All products comply with UL and VDE safety certification and have passed safe tests higher than industry standards.

If you want to learn more about Dinkle’s 0191 series connector, please contact our specialist. To find more information about our PCB connectors offer click here.


Aleksandra Memon

Power Electronics | PCB Relays & SSR | PCB Connectivity

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