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Choose the right lock to keep employees safe

Learn about all of the options Nexum provides for safety padlocks to choose the best option for your application.

Nov. 05, 2021

With so many options available, choosing the right padlock for you job can be confusing. Let us help you get the padlock that fits your needs. We offer padlocks from different manufacturers (Brady, Master Lock, own brand).

Body material options:


  • Non-conductive: ideal for electrical applications and enclosures.

  • Easy to carry: lightweight with ribbed design for easy gripping.

  • Key retaining security: key releases only on lock closure.

  • Most common: preferred for most indoor lockout applications.


  • Long-lasting: anodized, corrosion-resistant finish provides extended life.

  • Increased security: durable construction for better tamper resistance.

  • Corrosion resistant: resilient against harsh environments, such as food, oil and chemical.

  • Versatile usage: great for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Heavy duty: laminated steel body withstands severe physical abuse.

  • Maximum corrosion protection: individual coated steel plates protects against extreme corrosion.

  • Key retaining security: key release only on lock closure.

  • Highest durability: high performance in extreme outdoor and harsh environments.

Body size options:


  • Material availability: nylon | aluminium.

  • Ideal usage: everyday applications, small spaces and circuit breakers.


  • Material availability: nylon | aluminium | steel.

  • Ideal usage: fits wide variety of devices – electrical, valve and cable.

Long body:

  • Material availability: nylon only.

  • Ideal usage: displaying additional information and languages on body label.

Shackle material options:

Steel shackle:

  • Vertical clearance options: 20 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 76 mm.

  • Body material availability: nylon | aluminium | steel.

  • Ideal usage: most common with extra durability for tough environments.

Nylon shackle:

  • Vertical clearance options: 25 mm, 38 mm.

  • Body material availability: nylon only.

  • Ideal usage: non-conductive for working on electrical circuits/panels.

Cable shackle:

  • Vertical clearance options: 106,68 mm & 203,20 mm.

  • Body material availability: nylon only.

  • Ideal usage: versatile, multi-purpose solution, angle and twist to fit tight spaces.

Body colour options:

  • Nylon: black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow.

  • Aluminium: black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow.

  • Steel: black, blue, brown, green, purple, red, white, yellow.

Padlocks types:

SafeKey lockout padlocks:

  • Advanced key security: patent-pending locking mechanism includes six precision steel tumbler blades.

  • More unique key possibilities: ideal for large organizations using hundreds to thousands of locks.

  • Easy operation: extra smooth key insertion and removal – even when wearing gloves.

  • Long-lasting: linear, low-friction mechanism help maintain key integrity.

Traditional padlocks:

  • Classic padlock design: traditional jagged key design and pin tumbler lock mechanism.

  • Fewer key combinations: ideal for small work groups and facilities with fewer energy isolation points.

  • Multi-purpose solution: flexible cable locks available for tight spaces and simultaneous lockout points.

  • More material options: available in non-conductive nylon, aluminium and laminated steel lock bodies.

Keying options:

  • Keyed different (KD): each lock is opened by its own unique key. Perfect for simple lockout applications and a manageable number of energy isolation points.

  • Keyed alike (KA): each lock in the group can be opened with the same key. Reduces number of keys needed to carry. Ideal for individuals or trades responsible for multiple machines or isolation points.

  • Master keyed (MK): each group of locks (KD / KA) can be opened with a master key. Useful for larger complex systems when supervisory access may be required.

  • Grand master keyed (GMK): a single key can open all groups of locks in the system. Useful when supervisory or managerial access to all locks is needed.

Padlock personalisation

Enable employees to quickly retrieve their personal padlocks. Easily personalise padlocks with an employee names, serial numbers, logos or even full colour pictures.

For more information on lockout solutions in industry in our offer contact our product specialist. We offer complete solutions for Lockout Tagout systems (education, documentation, products). You can learn more about it here.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

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