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Effective floor marking in warehouses and logistics

Floor marking for all traffic levels

Oct. 05, 2021

When it comes to workplace safety and organization, warehouses often get lumped in with manufacturing facilities. From an outside perspective, they can seem quite similar, but there are a lot of important differences that need to be considered. This is true in almost all areas, but especially with floor markings.

Where to use floor markings?

Having too many floor markings causes confusion and makes it difficult to understand the meanings of each type of marking. This is even true if you use different colours and designs to try to set things apart. Because of this it is better to focus on coming up with an efficient use of floor markings in the facility. Some specific areas that often benefit most from this type of marking include:

  • Traffic areas: using floor marking to guide the drivers of indoor vehicles like forklifts is a great way to improve safety. These markings will benefit both the drivers of these vehicles and pedestrians in the same area.

  • Evacuation paths: using floor markings to guide people out of the facility during an emergency is one of the best ways that they can be used.

  • Organization markings: floor markings are great option for keeping things organized. Marking off specific areas for specific uses will help reduce clutter and other problems.

  • Aisles: marking off aisleways is very important for identifying where people can walk, where vehicles can travel, and even where items being stored can stick out.

Floor marking colours

Another thing to consider when planning out your warehouse floor marking strategy is what colours to use in what locations. Floor marking tape and floor marking paint can come in any colour you choose. The important thing is to make sure you plan out the right colours for the right situations and stick with them throughout the facility.

For example, if you follow the industry standard of using yellow floor tape for guiding normal foot traffic or vehicle traffic through different areas, then this is the only use that this colour should have. Using the same colour to convey multiple meanings can cause confusion and increase the danger in an area rather than making it safer.

Safer pedestrians, efficient vehicles

Clearly marked floors are a practical solution to keep pedestrian and vehicle traffic separated in warehouses or logistical areas. Just like traffic lanes on public roads, they help to increase safety and efficiency for all users. Co-workers on foot can immediately see where they can walk safely, while vehicle efficiency can be increased within their dedicated traffic zones.

Increase compliance

Floor marking support compliance with the EU Directive 92/58/EEC, which mentions that employers shall provide safety and or health signs where needed. Annex V of the Directive, on the minimum requirements governing signs used for obstacles and dangerous locations, and for marking of traffic routes, further includes that traffic routes for vehicles must be clearly identified by continuous stripes in a clearly visible colour if required for the protection of workers.

A solution for all traffic levels

Nexum offers complete solutions for floor marking from manufacturer Brady.

  • Economy: Aisle Marking Tape (B-726 Vinyl) – with lower adhesion and durability this economical tape is recommended for short term applications and is available in various colours.

  • Good: GuideStripe (B-3 Vinyl) – this durable, flexible floor tape is designed for temporary indoor applications with regular foot traffic, so you don’t have to reapply often.

  • Better: ToughStripe – Floor marking tape (B-514 Polyester) – this highly-customisable tape is designed for longer application periods and is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic and light industrial traffic on various surface types.

  • Best: ToughStripe Max – Floor marking tape (B-543 Vinyl) – with superior adhesion and durability, this floor tape is designed for the most difficult applications with heavy foot traffic and industrial vehicle traffic.

  • Other: Paintstripe – Floor marking stencils (B-518/B-519) – paint stencil for longer, more permanent marking. ToughStripe – Cold floor marking tape (B-505 Polyester) – use this durable floor tape to mark refrigerators, freezers, and other cold surfaces. Ideal for food and beverage refrigerated warehousing and other cold storage facilities.

If you want to learn more about floor markings from Brady, please contact our product specialist. To find out more about marking in warehouses and logistics, click here.


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Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

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