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Kaiser presents the new UP1 flush-mounted boxes for electrical installations

Bigger, faster, safer - an update for installations

May 28, 2024

UP1, the new flush-mounting range for quick installation, raises the standard of flush-mounting installations and makes them easier than ever before.

Save time with UP¹ flush-mounted boxes

With the quick attachment of UP¹ ECON® Fix boxes, you will save up to 50 % time compared to the conventional installation of built-in single boxes. The UP¹ ECON® Fix box will be securely attached to the wall and will remain in position even before the plaster is applied. By plastering the wall and filling the gaps around the box, it will be permanently attached. UP¹ boxes can be used with all types of normal bricks, and they are also suitable for temperatures below zero.


The main advantages and characteristics of UP¹ ECON® Fix flush-mounted boxes:

  • 25 % larger volume compared to conventional built-in single boxes,

  • alignment and safe installation even before applying the plaster,

  • stable and side-neutral combinations,

  • elastic sealing membrane that ensures air tightness,

  • variable insertion of cables without special tools,

  • additional space for decentralized installation of KNX / LON UP actuators, flush cut-off relays for blinds and many other devices,

  • partition wall for standardized installation of two voltage types in one dose,

  • easy installation of pre-wired equipment and multi-media connection boxes,

  • two multi-membrane inputs for inserting prefabricated cables with connectors up to size M32.

With the UP¹ flush-mounted boxes, Kaiser offers an innovative solution for installations that brings many advantages compared to classic methods. Larger volume, faster and easier installation, and adaptability enable more efficient work and greater reliability in all types of walls. With UP¹ ECON® Fix boxes, your installations will be safer, more organized, and sustainable, which is key for modern industrial and residential buildings. Take advantage of the latest technology and upgrade your installations with UP¹ flush mounts.

For more information about UP¹ boxes and other installation solutions, contact our specialist.


Jože Rus


T: +386 31 014 661


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