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New product at DELTA PSU

CliQ M Battery Module (withot Battery)

Jul. 25, 2023

Delta has started to equip its CliQ M Series Power Supplies with the new DC-UPS and battery modules for uninterruptible systems. All matched together, the CliQ M Series power supplies and modules are set to reduce production downtime during power failures.

The CliQ M battery module is designed to support 2 x 12 V 7.2 AH lead-acid battery in series for 24 V system. There is a built-in battery  voltage LED indicator to easily monitor the battery status while in operation. 

Over temperature protection is available when using the CliQ M battery module together with the DC-UPS modules. The combination also helps to extend battery life and makes a better power solution for uninterruptible systems in a wide range of applications, such as industrial automation, factory automation, machine automation and more.

Highlights & Features:

  • Anti-Corrosion Powder Coated Chassis 

  • Suitable for 7.2 AH Lead-Acid Battery 

  • 2 x 12 V battery in series Built-in battery voltage LED indicator 

  • Built-in battery over temperature protection (need to be used with the CliQ M DC-UPS modules)

It is used in combination with the CliQ M Napajalniku and the CliQ M DC-UPS module, which communicates with the battery module.

All technical specifications can be found on the pdf document CliQ M Battery module.


Aleksandra Memon

Power Electronics | PCB Relays & SSR | PCB Connectivity

T: +386 41 681 876


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