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Reliable and automated histology sample tracking

Printer i5100: Smart label printer with excellent performance

Aug. 23, 2021

The 21st century has brought unprecedented medical advances, and those advances are continually changing the way we diagnose, treat and cure disease. But change does not come without its challenges. For laboratories, the rising tide of samples has put increased scrutiny on the way you identify, track and report samples. Label failure can cause sample loss which means different things across various types of labs, from a minor inconvenience to major devastation.

  • In a clinical setting, sample loss can lead to misdiagnosis, delays in diagnosis or even fatalities and lawsuits.

  • In a pharmaceutical environment, it can postpone or halt drug development and production.

  • In an academic laboratory, it can impair or even void your findings.

  • In a biotechnology setting, it can compromise your quality control, data integrity, or drug safety. It also opens the door for the possibility of intellectual property loss or delay in technology and product.

In any of these situations, a single sample loss can mean critical data or information will have to be reproduced at a potentially huge additional cost. That is why it is crucial to identify every sample in your lab with professional laboratory labels and printers.

The sample identification solution needs to fit and stay attached to a series of sample container types, including plastic tubes, glass tubes and conical containers. It also needs to stay intact when exposed to alcohol and autoclave temperatures and after long freezer storage.

To be able to quickly identify hundreds of samples arriving in the laboratory, integrated on-demand label printing and sample tracking is also required.

The solution is Brady’s i5100 Industrial Label Printer, which can be integrated with label printing software. The printer can handle high volumes of labels printed in high resolution with specialised inks that can resist exposure to alcohol and moisture.

i5100 printer features:

  • It communicates automatically with Brady’s design apps.

  • Full colour touch screen includes a label and print status monitor which also informs you when the installed ink ribbon does not optimally match the inserted label supplies.

  • It features a range of standard ports for common industrial connectivity scenarios (Bluetooth, Ethernet, Serial, USB, Wi-Fi).

  • 300 and 600 dpi printing.

  • Driven by a powerful 32-bit and 800 Mhz internal printer processor, the i5100 prints at a speed of up to 300 mm/sec at 300 dpi.

  • It is suitable for different applications: product identification labels, electronics and printed circuit board labels, logistics and asset tracking labels, cable and component identification labels, laboratory labels.

  • It can print on 70 label materials.

Different label types for different applications

Beside high-quality Brady printers we offer labels for any laboratory sample. The labels are engineered to stay attached and remain legible in the most challenging laboratory conditions.

  • Cryo vial identification: FreezerBondz™ ultra-thin polyester label to label both frozen and room temperature vials (B-490, B-492).

  • Well plate identification: clear polyester label with excellent chemical resistance. Applies well to a wide range of surfaces (B-430).

  • Tube, vial and straw identification: ultra-thin polyester label with clear tail that protects print and allows liquid levels to be viewed (B-461). Self-laminating vinyl label with excellent abrasion and smudge resistance suitable for small surface areas of straws and rods, withstanding long-term storage (B-427).

  • Bottle tamper seal labels: vinyl label designed to fracture easily in order to show signs of sample tampering and to prevent one-piece label removal. Provides tracking information with the added feature of security (B-351).

  • Dish/bottle identification: Thick nylon cloth label that is easy to apply and conforms well to various shapes for excellent adhesion (B-499).

  • Tissue cassette identification: vinyl cloth label to apply directly on tissue cassettes. Can also be easily applied on pure paraffin and on top of older labels (B-498).

  • Slide identification: StainerBondz™ polyester label with extreme chemical resistance. Performs great in slide staining processes (B-481). Polyester label with excellent chemical resistance. Ideal to identify slides and other flat surfaces (B-488).

  • General purpose identification: highly adhesive white label for drawers, shelves, cabinets and general labelling (B-423). Highly adhesive label for general labelling, available in white, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, black & clear (B-595). Low cost, general purpose labelling (B-424).

Reliable and fast sample identification

With Brady printers and high-quality label materials, you can have a great labelling component of a highly reliable sample tracking solutions. Barcodes printed on histology samples will stay attached and remain legible, even after exposure to alcohol, high temperatures and low temperatures.

Thanks to crisp, quality prints, you will no longer lose time deciphering illegible handwriting. For every sample container, a legible and precise label that stays attached during processing can be available almost immediately when designed with Brady Workstation apps and printed with a compact Brady printer in your lab.

If you want to learn more about Brady printers for identification in laboratories, please contact our specialist. To find out more about identification in laboratories, click here.


Jurij Žvab

Cable Management | Industrial Identification | Safety at Work

T: +386 40 755 559


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